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Compare Spectrum Internet Prices and Plans

Spectrum Internet Prices are very affordable. Spectrum offers 3 different internet plans, bundled packages and frequently runs promotions for their services. So, you will want to keep the following in mind as you compare Spectrum packages and pricing:

Read the not-so-fine print: Spectrum’s pricing is straightforward, but some promotional rates only apply to bundled TV deals. Be sure to double-check the advertisement to see what service the pricing applies to.

Compare Spectrum bundles to internet only plans: Often, you can get a lot more for only a little more money. Spectrum offers great value through their bundled packages that you should consider if you watch a lot of TV or are trying to cut costs on your phone bill.

Spectrum Internet Offers Speeds of up to 1 GbpsΔ

Spectrum Internet

Keeping in line with their “simple is better” mentality, Spectrum only offers three Internet Plans: Standard, Ultra, and Gig. As you can see from the chart above, the download speeds within a single plan and between plans can greatly vary. The download speeds have such a range because they are dependent on a customer’s location. 

Not All Spectrum Internet Plans Are Available In All Locations

Spectrum Internet Ultra or Gig service is still unavailable in many locations across the U.S. To see what Spectrum Internet plan is available in your area, call Spectrum’s sales line and request they check the Internet-only speeds for your address. Spectrum is constantly expanding and improving their Internet service so even if Ultra or Gig weren’t available a year or two ago, they might be available today.

Get Great Speeds With Spectrum Internet

Spectrum’s entry-level Internet speeds put DSL to shame, putting out speeds that are up to 20x faster. As for their cable competitors, like Comcast or Cox, Charter’s entry-level Internet speeds are similar, but their maximum speed is usually significantly higher. Since Charter has been aggressively expanding their internet services over the past few years, they have brought 1 GbpsΔ download speeds to metropolises across the US, including Dallas, Rochester, and Los Angeles.

Spectrum Internet Prices Vary Depending on Speed - So Choose The Plan That Best Suits Your Needs

Faster isn’t always better, though, since speed comes with a price. If you use the Internet an average or below-average amount, then a slower, cheaper plan would probably suffice. After all, even Spectrum’s slowest, standard internet plan is still quite fast, even fast enough to stream videos and support multiple users on the same network.

If you have more than a few devices that will be connected to your internet service, like a home security system, cell phones and smart TVs and still want to binge-watch your favorite tv shows on a streaming service, then you’ll probably want to move up to the Spectrum Internet Ultra (400 Mbps) plan.

Also, keep in mind that Spectrum usually charges a leasing fee of around $10 per month for their WiFi router if you get the Standard internet plan. However, the Ultra and Gig internet plans include the WiFi router and modem for free.

Putting Spectrum Internet Packages and Plans in Perspective

Determining which Spectrum internet plan you need based on your internet usage can be tricky, but there are some standard guidelines you can follow.

With Spectrum Standard Internet Plan, you can:

  • Easily stream videos
  • Support multiple users on the same network
  • Download a High Definition movie in a matter of minutes

With Spectrum Ultra Internet Plan, you can:

  • Easily stream videos
  • Support larger families on the same network
  • Support a home office
  • Support multiple devices at the same time

With Spectrum Gig Internet Plan, you can:

  • Easily stream videos
  • Support larger families on the same network
  • Support a home office
  • Support multiple devices at the same time
  • Enjoy online gaming and streaming without buffering*

What’s the Difference Between Charter Spectrum and Time Warner Cable?

Charter Money Back Guarantee

The only difference is the name. Charter Communications acquired Time Warner Cable in 2016 and has since renamed their services to “Spectrum.” Time Warner Cable is now known as Spectrum everywhere TWC was available previously.

Spectrum has expanded and dramatically improved high speed internet service in many areas since merging with Time Warner Cable, but some ‘inherited’ customers from TWC were disgruntled about prices increasing as Spectrum took over. Spectrum’s non-promotional rates were similar to TWC’s, but the majority of the upset customers lost promotional rates during the transition. This change was understandably upsetting, but Spectrum was not required in the merger to honor TWC’s discounted rates.

Even though Spectrum has a presence in 46 of the 50 states, their coverage may be limited to small areas in certain states that make it almost nonexistent. Even states that make up their biggest customer base, like California or Texas, may have areas that are not covered. Usually, a simple Google search can reveal what internet service providers are available in your neighborhood.

Spectrum Cable Network vs. Fiber Networks

DSL, Cable, and Fiber are the main options for Internet service. DSL is pretty limited in its output and no longer a good option for most internet users. Fiber network technologies are the new gold standard for Internet speeds, but it is overkill for most users, not to mention unavailable in most areas. Cable still offers very impressive speeds and is available to the masses.

Cable Internet networks use cable TV lines to transmit data—this is what Spectrum primarily uses. Spectrum runs a cable to your house from a nearby utility or telephone pole, which means the cable infrastructure is shared between houses in your neighborhood. Because of the shared usage, speeds can drop during peak hours, like the evening hours when people are winding down in front of Netflix.

Spectrum is overcoming the “peak use” speed drops with their new transmission technology, DOCSIS 3.1. This new technology is what is providing Ultra speeds of up to 1 GbpsΔ to millions of people across America. Spectrum has mainly been retrofitting this technology on top of existing cable lines in big cities the past few years but promises to continue to expand to smaller markets. 

Equipment - Spectrum Internet Modems and Routers

Charter Internet Complete Family Plan

A modem provides access to the internet through your cable. A router wirelessly distributes your internet as WiFi throughout your home so you don’t have to wire every room to your cable line. You need both a modem and a router for all Spectrum Internet plans.

Spectrum provides a modem for free for all internet plans. They also provide a high-quality WiFi router with their Ultra and Gig packages. However, customers who opt for the Standard plan have to pay around $10/month to lease the WiFi router. Alternatively, Standard Internet customers may use a modem/router combo.

While you can use your own modem and router, we recommend using the company’s equipment so you have access to their customer support. But if you plan on using the service for a long time or are confident you can manage the hardware yourself, then it might make sense for you to use your own equipment. In this case, Spectrum provides an outline of recommended modems that are compatible with their system.

Spectrum Internet Technician Installation vs. Self-Installation

Charter Internet Security

If you are bundling Internet with Spectrum TV service, we recommend you opt for installation by qualified technicians. Set up is more difficult for TV than it is for just Internet. But you may also want to go with a technician when only getting Internet if you aren’t confident in your ability to configure your WiFi router on your own. There is a fee for installation, but at least you know it will get done right.

If you are only getting Internet, it’s pretty quick and easy to self-install. For most people, it’s worth saving money on the installation, especially since it’s the fastest option. If you have your own modem, you may even be able to use your Internet the same day you activate your service.

Spectrum Buy-Out Deals and Price-Lock Plans

As mentioned before, Spectrum does not use contracts; Spectrum customers can change or cancel service at any time without penalties. Spectrum takes its no-contract stance one step further by offering buy-out deals fairly often. Other service providers often penalize their customers more than $300 in early termination penalties, so Spectrum offers to buy out unhappy customer’s contracts by compensating their cancellation costs.

In select areas, Spectrum offers Price-Lock deals, which, as you probably have guessed, lock in a price for Internet service for years to come. The industry standard for most Internet providers, including Spectrum, is to give promotional rates for the first year that will then automatically increase by 10-40%. Those lucky enough to be located in a price-lock area may have to pay a little more than the promotional rates the first year but then save substantially in the long run.

Compare Spectrum Promotional Price vs. Final Price

The promotional price is typically for the service itself and does not include taxes or additional equipment fees. As you can imagine, this can lead to a price jump from the promotional pricing to the final price. Though it can be jolting at first, the value remains.

Spectrum Internet Customer Reviews

Charter Internet Support

Internet service providers as a whole are not well-liked by consumers, but Spectrum internet consistently receives better than average ratings. Most of their customer satisfaction is related to their straightforward packages and no-contract service. Customers don’t like feeling trapped when they are unhappy with their service or when their financial circumstances change and appreciate that they can cancel their service with Spectrum without penalty.

Customers also praise Spectrum for their internet speeds, which consistently outperforms other cable internet providers. Even the most basic internet plan is enough to support streaming and multiple users. The Ultra plan and DOCSIS 3.1 is also highly praised by online gamers and heavy Internet users, especially in the many locations where Fiber is not available.

Is Spectrum Internet Available in My Area?

The quickest and surest way to answer this question is to call Spectrum and provide them with your address. Spectrum’s current territory covers over 100 million people in 46 states, with the most coverage in New York, Texas, and California. The only states they don’t currently serve are North Dakota, South Dakota, Utah, Oklahoma, and Arkansas.

Spectrum Internet Frequently Asked Questions

✅ What is the Spectrum Internet Only Plans price?

Spectrum Internet-Only plans start at $49.99. Internet speeds vary by region.

✅ How much is Spectrum internet monthly?

Spectrum Internet pricing starts at $49.99. Bundling services, like TV or voice, may provide even better value.

✅ How much does Spectrum cost after the first 12 months?

Spectrum offers Price-Lock deals in select areas. Otherwise, like most cable service providers, Spectrum Internet’s promotional pricing typically expires after 12 months. Most cable companies raise their prices by up to 40%, but you can expect about half of that from Spectrum.

✅ Does Spectrum offer seniors discounts?

Spectrum does not offer a senior discount at this time but does have an Internet Assist program to SSI customers 65 and older.

✅ Does Spectrum offer discounts for veterans?

Spectrum does not offer a military discount at this time.

✅ Does Spectrum Internet include a WiFi router?

Spectrum will provide a pre-configured WiFi router for their internet customers for a nominal monthly fee. Customers can also use their own routers.

✅ What Internet speeds does Spectrum Internet offer?

Spectrum’s smallest plan includes 100 Mbps, and its largest plan has Internet speeds of 1 GbpsΔ.

✅ What is the telephone number to order Spectrum Service?

Call 1-855-345-0208

✅ Can I install Spectrum Internet myself?

Follow Spectrum Support’s self-install internet guidelines

✅ How do I find Spectrum WiFi hotspots?

Open the My Spectrum app.
Select the Account tab.
Choose Install Spectrum WiFi Profile.
Follow the prompts to complete installation.
Your device will automatically connect you to a Spectrum hotspot when in range.

Overview of Spectrum Internet Coverage

Charter Internet No Data Caps

Charter Communications acquired Time Warner Cable and Bright House Networks in 2016 and have been aggressively expanding their Internet service area ever since. Now the second-largest cable service provider in America, they offer coverage in 46 of the 50 states. Spectrum Internet is most wide-spread in New York, Texas, and California. Overall, the Charter Communication network territory covers over 100 million potential customers.

With so much customer potential, Charter continues to offer Spectrum internet packages with competitive pricing and superior speeds to its competitors. Though they specialize in cable internet, Spectrum also offers TV, voice, and business broadband services. Like most service providers, their customers can bundle services to receive the best deal.

Unlike its competitors, Spectrum has adopted a “keep it simple” strategy when it comes to pricing and service limitations. Spectrum gives its customers straightforward, standardized prices, and no-contract options. They rely on their quality of service to maintain their customer base instead of contracts. Spectrum also gives all of their customers unlimited data usage (no data caps) and unlimited streaming.

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