Spectrum Customer Service Phone Number

Spectrum Customer Service Phone Number

Get Spectrum now by calling: 1-855-345-0208

Whether you are an existing Charter Spectrum customer looking to upgrade your service, or a potential Spectrum customer calling about the newest deals and promotions, it’s always possible to reach a live customer service representative who can guide you through all of your options.

Are you a new Spectrum customer?

Charter Spectrum has a dedicated phone number for potential customers with questions about new service or available promotions: 1-855-345-0208.

When you call, you’ll receive information about packages available in your area, and you will also receive information about new, affordable bundles for other Charter Spectrum services. These bundles include options that combine Internet + TV, as well as options that combine Internet + TV + Home Phone. When you call, you can request details about any of these affordable options.

If you are an existing customer, are you a business customer or a residential customer?

Spectrum Phone Number

Charter Spectrum has two sets of phone numbers, one for residential customers looking for the very best in Internet and TV service, and one for business customers. If you are an existing residential customer, there are two numbers that you can call: 1-888-438-2427 or 1-866-472-2200. If you are a business customer, the best phone number to call is: 1-800-314-7195.

Are you looking to upgrade your Charter Spectrum service?

There are so many ways that you can upgrade your Spectrum service. For example, you can choose to add on new cable TV channels to your existing set of channels. Or, for example, you could choose to bundle another Charter Spectrum service with one that you already have. The best phone number to call if you are upgrading services is: 1-888-438-2427. You can also call: 1-866-472-2200.

Are you trying to pay a bill or change an address?

If you need help paying a bill, you can always speak with a courteous, friendly and knowledgeable Charter Spectrum representative. For example, you might have questions about certain line items on your bill, or you might just be trying to convert to paperless billing or change an address after moving. In any of these cases, the best phone number to call is: 1-855-757-7328.

Do you have a technical support question?

Spectrum Customer Support

Existing customers who need technical support can get help very easily simply by calling this number: 1-855-757-7328. For example, if you are having trouble with your Wi-Fi router, you could call this number. If you are having trouble getting certain cable channels that you signed up for, you would call this number. And if you were having trouble hooking up various digital devices to your in-home Wi-Fi network, you would call this number.

Do you need to receive customer support in Spanish?

Since Spectrum is a national provider of Internet, TV and Home Phone service, it only makes sense that there might be Spanish-speaking customers who need help with their services. That’s absolutely no problem, since Charter Spectrum makes it very easy to press a single number (“2”) and you will be routed to a Spanish-speaking representative.

For example, let’s say that you are trying to get technical support for equipment installed in your home, and are having trouble reading some of the instructions. You would simply call the main technical support number: 1-855-757-7328. To get help in Spanish, then just press “2.”

The same type of approach is useful if you have general customer service inquiries. In this case, you would call the main customer service number: 1-888-438-2427. Then, just press “2.”

You would also use this approach if you have a technical support question that you’d like to ask in Spanish. For example, if you are having trouble with your in-home Wi-Fi router, you would call the main technical support number: 1-855-757-7328. Then, just press “2.”

What if you just have general questions about your Charter Spectrum account?

Spectrum Customer Service

From time to time, you might have general questions about Charter Spectrum that don’t fall under the categories of customer service, technical support, or bill paying. For example, you might be wondering what the range of your in-home Wi-Fi network is, or how many devices that you can connect at one time. Or, you might have questions about what’s included with your brand-new DVR. If that’s the case, the best number to call is: 1-888-438-2427. You could also call: 1-866-472-2200.

Is it possible to ask Spectrum to call me?

Of course. It is often a more efficient way to spend your time, in fact. Instead of waiting on hold for a long period of time, you can simply request Spectrum to call you as soon as a live customer service representative frees up. You can also log into your Charter Spectrum account and request this service.

What if I have questions about the current Spectrum cable lineup?

One important thing to keep in mind is that each geographic location of the country receives a slightly different selection of cable TV channels. That’s why you are often asked to provide your zip code when asking this question – it helps the customer service representative to locate your exact geographic location. If you have questions about your current Charter Spectrum cable lineup, this is the best phone number to call: 1-888-438-2427.

What if I have questions about recording my favorite show with the DVR?

Spectrum Customer Helpline

This counts as a technical question, and so the best phone number to use is the following: 1-855-757-7328. However, if you were a prospective customer and not an existing customer, you would call a different phone number: 1-855-345-0208.

What if I am having trouble watching shows on my tablet?

This also counts as a technical support question. The best phone number to call in this situation is: 1-855-757-7328. A customer service representative will be able to help you figure out whether the problem is a hardware problem (i.e. your tablet) or a problem caused by the Wi-Fi connection in your home.

What if I am planning to move soon?

The good news is that Charter Communications has a special moving and address change concierge who can help. The best phone number to call is the following: 1-877-318-2092. By calling this number, you can get detailed information about the steps needed to move your Charter Spectrum from one residence to another. Often, you can connect with a special concierge simply by pressing “1.”

What if I just want to add a single channel – like HBO – to my service?

Spectrum Ordering Assistance

This request counts as a service upgrade, so you would call the following number: 1-866-472-2200. Once you are connected to a customer service representative, you could find out all of your options for adding a single channel. Charter Spectrum does offer a la carte options where you can order HBO by itself without being forced to upgrade to a new, higher tier of service.

What do I need to have ready when I call Spectrum?

Generally speaking, any customer service call to Charter Spectrum can be handled much more efficiently if you have certain items ready every time you call:

  • Phone number
  • Billing Address
  • Social Security Number
  • Account Number

You won’t need your full social security number, of course. All you will need are the last four digits of your social security number. This is to protect your privacy.

Regarding your account number: if you are having trouble remembering your account number, one easy way to find it is by looking at your most recent bill. The account number can be found in the top right-hand corner of your bill.

What is the difference between Charter, Spectrum and Time Warner Cable?

Spectrum Online Support

Charter recently acquired Time Warner Cable, a cable provider. As part of the acquisition, Charter re-branded all services of the combined company as Charter Spectrum. Thus, Charter Spectrum is the name that you see on your bill, and the name that you will see on repair trucks in your city. However, Charter Spectrum is not a company – it is just a brand.

What are some of the other ways that I can contact Charter Spectrum online?

Sometimes, the most convenient way to get questions to your answers is by going online to the Charter Spectrum website. There, you can receive detailed answers to your questions, chat with a customer service representative, or simply request a phone call. Here is a list of all the other services that you can contact Charter Spectrum about:

  • Virtual Assistant
  • My Account
  • Online Bill Pay
  • Online Support Center
  • Closed-Captioning Assistance

As you can see, Charter Spectrum has set up a number of dedicated ways to provide you help with any of your questions, ranging from very general questions to very detailed technical questions.
Looking to sign up for Charter Spectrum service? Call this number today: 1-855-345-0208.


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