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Kansas Frontier Communications Packages offer TV, Internet, and Phone

What is your favorite part of having a home programming service? Is it the convenience of having what you want at your fingertips? With the right programming package, you can have the right shows, news, sports, movies and pricing, all waiting for you when you get home.

If you are looking for a reliable monthly package that won’t leave you strained on your monthly budget, check into the Double Play and Triple Play bundles that Frontier Kansas has to offer. These bundles provide a complete package that fits the entertainment and communication needs of your entire family. The best part is that you have a choice, instead of having to settle for whatever is available.

The Double Play bundle offers high-speed home internet services with digital home phone services. These two services, when bundled into one monthly package, can provide your children with a way to research school work and network with their friends on an affordable monthly rate. This can also help you save time, gas and effort by providing an easy way to get your bills paid and shopping done online. It’s the perfect solution for busy households.

The Triple Play bundle provides high quality programming with the high-speed internet and digital home phone service. Kansas Frontier offers Dish Network programming so that you have the convenience of all your favorite channels at your fingertips. This means that you have the option of watching live shows, or flipping through the recorded programming you have stored on your Hopper HD-DVR.

The Hopper will give you more than enough storage to cover all the shows, programs, movies and sports games that you want to see. It has 2,000 hours of storage for standard content and as much as 250 hours of storage for HD content. You don’t have to worry about deleting someone else’s show to record yours. It also skips over commercials on primetime programming, helps you find the remote when the kids kick it under the couch and lets you see what you want with rewind, pause and fast forward functions.

The Hopper can show up to four different shows in up to four different rooms at one time. You won’t even have to get off the couch to see what’s playing in another room or to find out what your children are watching. You can control the Hopper from any of the televisions you can view the recorded programming on. It will even help you keep up with all your scores from all your games without flipping back and forth through channels. It’s customized convenience in a box that is smaller than other HD-DVRs so you don’t have to worry about losing valuable surface space.

With Dish programming, you have access to the America’s Top 120 programming package. It provides 120 channels that make it easy to find something to watch for everyone. This package comes with free HD channels for like and quality movie channels like Cinemax, STARZ, Showtime and HBO. It can also provide TV Anywhere, a service that gives you remote access to any live channel or recorded program you want to see. One package can provide everything your family needs in a programming package.

The home phone service provides calling features for easy call management, even on a busy schedule. You can use Caller ID, Three Way Calling, Call Waiting and even Voice Mail. With Frontier KS, you have a choice of which unlimited local and long distance calling plan you want to choose because only you know what your calling needs are and how much you can afford on a monthly rate.

If you would rather connect online, you can ask about the Kansas Frontier Internet service. This service can give you up to 6 Mbps, with a wireless connection for your laptop, smartphone or tablet. Use your laptop to watch an online program or check scores on your tablet. You can roam around your house as you need to without losing your online connection. This service also provides Frontier Secure, a service for online back up and restoration should your personal documents ever get damaged or destroyed.

Kansas Frontier Bundles have everything you need for a complete home service package on a budget. One provider can give you all the choices you need. FiOS Bundles may be available in some areas.


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