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Whole Home HD-DVR Service

One of the greatest recent technological breakthroughs is the DVR, or Digital Video Recorder.  We are all busy; working, spending time with family and friends, but we still want our movie and TV program fix.  We want to keep up on our favorite shows but who has the time?  We often miss our shows and wonder why we even have cable service in the first place if we can’t watch want we want. 

Well, no more, for you can record your favorite programs with the touch of a button and never miss thing.  DISH offers the most cutting edge DVR system around.  It includes and IPad 2 with a hopper so you can enjoy TV, thousands of on demand movie titles and anything you want from your DVR, even when away from home.  You can also enjoy Blockbuster Home Service!

Introducing Whole-Home HD DVR Service.  With full functionality of an HD DVR, this service is compatible with any TV, so you can pause live TV, rewind, record, whatever you wish.  Plus, a really cool new feature allows you to record and pause in one room on one TV, scoot over to the next room with a different TV, keep watching it on yet another TV, anywhere in your house you can follow along with your favorite show or movie.  This allows you to multi-task like nobody’s business!  Now you can get stuff done but still enjoy what you want to watch. 

The Hopper can give you the power to use your personal devices, such as pads, tablets or smart phones to enable you to watch whatever you want, from wherever you want.  You can now watch your favorite live TV programs from anywhere, so you are not tied down; it gives you freedom to chose and watch everything you want to download and record from your DVR and send it straight to your personal device!  This is incredible and the possibilities are endless as you watch thousands of available movie titles and countless TV channels.  This will keep your family entertained anywhere they go at the touch of a button.  It is simple to set up and easy to use. 

Hopper has an exclusive feature called Prime Time Anywhere, which works to get your TV fix to you as soon as possible.  Missed that new episode of your favorite show?  Not to worry because this will allow you to view it up to 8 days after airdate; it simply can save your most wanted prime time content for as long as you wish.  Another great feature is the power to skip those annoying commercials so your content is the way you want it. 

Skipping those annoying commercials allows you to watch more content in less time.  This feature is a great time saver for you and your family and only DISH gives you ad-free TV with the amazing Hopper service. 

What happens if your favorite live shows are on at once?  No need to worry because now you can record up to six separate channels of live TV all at once!  The Hopper’s hard drive also packs a wallop of storage capacity and allows you to store up to 2,000 hours of content.  You simply will not miss that show you want to watch and now you can watch anytime, anywhere.  Plus, when you connect to the broadband, you will have access to over 15,000 titles. 

Extra features include: the ability to transfer content to your device and store it there so you can watch it while even offline.  Being stuck underground on the subway or out in the middle of nowhere, maybe on a camping trip is no fun without your shows or movies and now you can have it all. 

With the Hopper’s Broadband service, you can connect to thousands of On Demand movies, hundreds of your favorite TV shows… this is the one stop shopping destination for all your entertainment needs.  The amount of content is staggering and ease of use could not be simpler. Get the FiOS Bundle and SAVE!


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