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• 2 Year Price Guarantee and
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• Speeds up to 6 Mbps
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• Advanced calling features like
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If you are frustrated with your current home service provider, you can always find out what Frontier Ketchum ID has to offer. Frontier is a family-friendly provider that can give you the services you need for the price you can afford. Find out what it’s like to be happy with a provider that can give you everything your family needs.

Frontier Ketchum Idaho services include Double Play and Triple Play bundles that can give you services at the right price. The Double Play bundle offers great home phone and high-speed internet services for a single monthly rate. Because they are offered through the same provider, you can count on reliable quality services with the convenience of a single company.

Triple Plays offers more for an enhanced monthly value. With a Triple Play, you can get the benefit of a complete home package with programming, internet and phone services on a single bill. With the Triple Bundle, you are able to get the home phone service that provides unlimited local and long distance calling within several different calling plans. These calling plans include calling features like caller ID, call waiting, call forwarding, three way calling and voice mail. It’s a simple service that provides for your calling needs with the benefit of discounted rates.

The Triple Play bundle also provides high-speed internet services that keep you connected with speeds that are up to 6 Mbps for wireless comfort within your own home. You can connect with your friends from your tablet, smartphone or laptop and take your device with you to whichever room you are going to be happiest in. This service comes with Frontier Secure, an online service that keeps your important documents and personal information safe and secure. You can back up your information to guard against theft, damage to the hard drive and corrupted files.

The programming part of the Triple Play comes through Ketchum Idaho Frontier by Dish Network. You can enjoy a quality viewing experience with free HD for life and other features that make your programming experience more enjoyable. Through Frontier, you can receive the America’s Top 120 programming package with 120 different channels to choose your sports, news, movies and children’s shows from. This package is your solution for quality home programming at the tips of your fingers, anytime you want to watch it. There are also several great Specialty Programming options from Dish, including Latino and International Channels.

Make sure you get all of your programming on your time with the Hopper, the latest in HD-DVR innovation from Dish. This device can store up to 2,000 hours of standard programming and as much as 250 hours of HD programming. It can also show up to four different shows in four different rooms at one time. You can control the content from these sets and you can sit in the living room and check on what your children are watching without ever having to get off the couch. The Hopper can skip commercials for you, keep up with multiple scores on multiple games across a variety of channels and keep you from manually changing the channel with a feature that helps find the remote. With one device, you can customize a satisfying viewing experience for everyone in the home, no matter how young or old they are. Dish Network programming offers Blockbuster@Home movie service!

With one provider, you can get quality services, great prices and the convenience of a single monthly bill that keeps all of your expenses where you want them. You don’t have to worry about what you are watching or how you are staying in touch with the ones you love any more. All you need is a Bundled package from Frontier Ketchum Idaho and you can have it all.

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