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Frontier Communications Phone Service

When you need a reliable home phone provider, you don’t want to get the expensive bill that comes with so many services. You want a service that can give you low pricing and high quality. With Frontier services, that is exactly what you can have.

Frontier offers a number of services that can benefit your family. These services include TV programming, High Speed Internet and home Phone services. With the home phone services, your family stays in touch, no matter how spread out your family may be.

Frontier is a family-friendly provider that can give you the services you need most. Having a home phone is vital for communications during emergencies and to hear the familiar voices you miss. With the right home phone service, you can save money on your cellular or mobile services by using an in-home service that provides unlimited local and long distance calling on a single plan. Save your minutes for when they are really needed and make all of your important calls from your home service. With Frontier, home phone service is affordable and smart.

Frontier offers the Digital Phone State Unlimited package. This package can provide your family with unlimited local and in-state calling for state-wide coverage on a set rate that saves you money every month. This set rate also provides you with Caller ID on the name and number of the caller. This service also comes with Call Waiting and Touchtone functionality and, for just ten cents a minute, you can make calls to Canada and across states.

There are no nasty surprises in your monthly bill, no tricky fees to figure out and no lengthy bills to go over with a fine-toothed comb when it’s due. With Frontier, you get a simple service that meets your needs and keeps you in touch and on budget.

If you feel your family would need more from a calling service, you can try the Digital Phone Unlimited package, which provides local and long distance calling on a set rate that also covers the calling features you need for call management. These features include your Call ID, Call Waiting and Call Waiting ID. You can even get Caller ID on the TV, through Dish Network’s programming package and Voice Mail through Frontier.

The Digital Phone Unlimited package can provide calling to destinations like Saipan, the US Virgin Islands, Hawaii, Alaska, Puerto Rico and Guam, as well. One set rate provides instant and immediate access to all of the places and people you need to reach.

Just like with the Digital Phone State Unlimited plan, you don’t have to worry about getting a lengthy, complicated bill. One bill provides all of your expenses in an easy to understand fashion. You don’t have to waste time combing through it looking for over charges. There won’t be any.

Frontier has the options for great home communications that save you money while putting you in touch with the ones you want to hear from most. Even if you need home programming and high-speed internet services to go with your home phone services, Frontier can provide. It offers bundled services that can combine these three services into one monthly bill for additional monthly discounts.

With a Frontier bundle, your entire family can have all the programming, internet access and communications it needs. Learn more about the FiOS Bundle here!

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