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  • Fast, reliable High Speed Internet with speeds up to 6Mbps
  • Great selection of Phone features to choose from.
  • 2 Year Price Guarantee and NO Contract

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Frontier Bundle Deals

• 2 Year Price Guarantee and
  NO Contract
• Frontier High-Speed Internet
• Frontier Phone

Frontier Internet Services

• Speeds up to 6 Mbps
• 24/7 expert technical support
• Keep your files save with easy,
  automatic file back-up and

Frontier Home Phone Offers

• Unmatched Phone Service Quality
• Unlimited local calling plans
• Advanced calling features like
  Call Waiting and Caller ID

Frontier Communications Bundles Internet and Phone with FiOS® TV!

Bundle all three services - TV, Internet, and Phone - and get more savings. Frontier provides the Internet and Phone Service, while you get TV Service from FiOS.

FiOS offers customers a gigantic number of provided TV channels. Channels offered are over 160 HD channels, over 590 digital channels, and over ten thousand On Demand titles.

FiOS television service offers beautiful clear imagery with 100% fiber optics. For all you TV lovers out there, this is an unsurpassable deal!

FiOS offers the most Spanish-language channels in HD and movie channels than any other cable providers right now. FiOS service is aimed to please as many customers as possible! FiOS TV offers movies, sports, Spanish, international, and specialty programming.

On Demand TV offers from FiOS are provided in great variety. All of your favorite TV shows are available anytime you want them. Movies are released on FiOS On Demand up to six weeks faster than other providers. You no longer have to freak out when you miss that important episode you’ve been dying to see or the movie you couldn’t make it out to the theater in time to catch.

Frontier Internet also allows for unlimited remote storage for one laptop or PC. Meaning, if your laptop or PC were to crash or be stolen, all your information would be backed up online as long as it were stored there. This is perfect for all you pack rats out there who don’t want to ever let anything go. Internet service from Frontier offers automatic restoration and backup that helps to protect its customers from theft, fire, crash, and accidental deletions of any files. All files will be perfectly safe. The unlimited storage is also extremely significant for work and school; never have to worry about a lost flash drive ever again.

Internet speed up to 15 Mbps is offered with Frontier Internet services. Speeds this high are ideal for super quick and easy downloading. This will give you the speed you need to check your email, look up sports scores, update you Facebook status and much more!

Ever have an Internet emergency late at night or on the weekend and can’t get any help to fix it? You no longer have that problem with FiOS by offering customers 24/7 customer support. 

Help is always available through guides, videos, blogs and forums that virtually solve any problems you may encounter. Have a question or problem that needs a quick fix and don’t feel like picking up the phone? Chat with a customer service virtual agent on your computer!

Frontier digital phone offers affordable and beneficial phone service. Local and long-distance calling plans come with unlimited minutes. In this day and age where our social networks are at an all time high and our families and friends all live all across the world, these kinds of offers are crucial!

Frontier home phone provides call features such as Caller ID, Call Waiting, and Voicemail so you know who’s calling you and what for at all times.

Say goodbye to those static filled conversations with Frontier home phone’s crystal clear sound quality whether you’re talking to your neighbor or your best friend who’s living in Asia. Sound quality is great locally and internationally with FiOS services.

When you bundle up one all three services, it definitely works to your advantage. Not only can you save yourself the trouble and commitment of three separate bills by combing them into one, but you will receive extra benefits as well.

You can manage your calls that you make and receive on any computer with Internet access with an Online Account Manager. 

FiOS services use a fiber optic technology that makes all services far more advanced and reliable than other service providers. With FiOS as your TV provider, the sky is the limit. FiOS Customers are guaranteed to be satisfied.


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