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Dish Network Specialty Channels

Do you enjoy movies but not going to the movie theater?  Is it an overly expensive hassle to drag the entire family to the local cinema?  Well, those days are a thing of the past, thanks to Frontier’s new DISH Specialty Channels service for your home entertainment needs. 

You want options for yourself and your loved ones.  The more options you get, the happier everyone is.  It is hard to please everyone so get the most for your entertainment dollar with a package of your choice, tailored to your particular likes and those of your family members. 

One such package is Heartland Package.  You get movies, classic TV shows, concert specials with live music, rural lifestyle programming for your pleasure and much more.  Tons of family friendly content is available, like the Hallmark Movie Channel, Hallmark Channel, PixL, RFD-TV, HUB, OWN, Rural TV, GSN and Baby TV for the little ones in your life or the ones on the way!  With great provider like gMovies you can enjoy fun family programming for hours on end. 

Want something a little more inline with the fast lane?  EPIX gets you right in the middle of the action with all the latest Hollywood blockbusters.  You get more on TV, On Demand films ready to go at the touch of a button, EPIX, EPIX 2 and EPIX 3 gives you and yours tons of choices, including b-movies, genre films, and more edgy content. 

The ENCORE Movie Package extends this trend to give you more value with your dollar.  Choose this deal and get even more blockbuster films, all you favorites from the 80’s, 90’s and current movies.  There are over 75 films spread out over a total of 8 channels, including ENCORE Westerns, ENCORE Action, ENCORE Drama, ENCORE Love, ENCORE Suspense, ENCORE Family, Encore West and MoviePlex. 

TheBlaze is the place to go for news, information and is an entertainment network brought to you by Glenn Beck.  It gives you high quality programming 24/7 and is exclusive in bringing your Beck’s daily TV broadcasting.  This is current, fast moving news that will keep you up to date on all the happenings around the world, brought to you in the comfort of your own home.  Besides news shows, you get thought provoking documentaries and family related reality shows. 

Another up to date package choice is Current TV, where you get analysis on the all the current news stories, in depth talk from experts in the field.  These are real stories about real people and everyone can relate to this.  The subjects are intriguing, the speech is direct and the coverage in depth. 

Veria is a unique, inexpensive add on to the specialty channel line-up and is focused on people who want to live well and live healthily, all in a natural world.  Keep up to date on all the current news about healthy lifestyles and never miss a thing.  Don't miss out on your favorite sports programming, Dish has it all!

Playboy TV will let you snuggle up with your significant other after you put the kids to bed.  Indulge in late night passions that only the Playboy brand can inspire and reconnect with your love life like never before. 

There is no larger amount of Latino programming than what you get with Frontier’s Specialty Channels packages.  They have the best and most varied Latino available.  If Spanish is your native tongue, look no further.  Also check out the great premium channels offered by DISH.

With the Latino Bonus Pack, you get to add great Latino programming to your core programming package, all by your choice.  Simple select this extra package and receive more than 34 different channels, all in Spanish, all focused on Latino interest.  You will get ESPN Deportes, CNN En Espanol, Telemundo, TV Espanola, Discovery En Espanol and others. 

With Cinelatino, you can have tons of movies, all in Spanish, all ready for you to enjoy at home.  They come straight from Latino countries around the world.  Also get the Playboy channel in Spanish if you choose. 

It’s all your choice, whatever fits your needs. 


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