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Dish Network Premium Channels

With the amazing quality of television programming these days, it is a shame to miss any of the great shows available.  Look at the Emmy awards and how many shows from cable get nominated and win awards.  Many people feel this is a Golden Age of Television, with the best of the best, acting, writing, production values, coming from premium channels.

Frontier’s DISH network offers the largest variety of specialty channels and the most HD channels in the industry.  Plus, they have Latino and other international channels that are exclusive to this service. 

Some of the most popular premium channels give you access to the best hit movies and include channels like HBO, Cinemax, Showtime and Starz, all of which you get free for three months!  DISH customers can enjoy Blockbuster Home as well, giving you access to thousands of movie titles, which you can download and enjoy anywhere you want. 

Bundle all these services together and you can save more money.  The more you grip together, the more you will save.  Get the best for your money with bundling, because you’ll have the most services possible at the lowest possible price. 

Let us discuss the premium channels and what they entail.  HBO is one of the greatest quality services for premium TV there is.  They set the gold standard for high quality shows.  For decades, they have brought hungry viewers top quality, ground breaking television that has built fan bases of epic proportions.  Legendary shows have gotten their start on HBO and with the new crop of programs, it only seems to be growing and growing.  You also get hit movies as soon as they are available, original films made exclusively for the channel, World Championship Boxing and also special events every month.  With HBO On Demand, you can get access to 140 programs and if you chose HBO Go, you can enjoy every single one of them on the go from your personal device, anywhere you want. 

Cinemax will give you 5 separate channels of exclusive programming, which includes a total of 4 HD channels.  First run theatrical premiers, the best variety of new hit movies, films new to Cinemax, top box offers movies, plus with Max Go, you can take your favorite movies with you and watch on your personal devices.  Enjoy that road trip more fully once you connect and download. 

Showtime is not to be ignored on the groundbreaking realm of new hit series.  Shows like Dexter and Homeland are making waves in the current crop of outstanding original programming, pushing the envelope of what great TV can be.  Showtime delivers great entertainment at a low cost. 

With cable’s lift on the restriction of violence and “dirty” language, channels like Showtime are able to give both writers and actors the chance to really shine.  They are not limited to the standard network channel’s restrictions and this allows them to be the best they can be.  The shorter episode count typical with most cable shows makes each one count for more.  The writers know they have to pack in a lot of story in a smaller amount of episodes so you can get the best of what they have to offer. 

Starz is an up and coming premium service that is beginning to challenge the big dogs on the block with their stellar original programming.  You will get 8 separate channels, 6 of which are in high quality HD, the best possible and this gives you 500 movies per month.  In addition, Starz and Encore will give you access to well over 1,800 movies and series anytime you want.  This is a great entertainment value. 

Blockbuster Home expands your movie watching value into the stratosphere, with enough movies to last a lifetime, with more and more being added all the time.  You get thousands of movies, hundreds of TV channels, and access to kid’s shows, premium quality broadcasting and all streamed to your television set in your home.


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