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Blockbuster Home Service

Want to get some awesome movies for your own home?  Want to get the best quality experience for that HD TV and personal home theater system?  Then get Dish Network’s Blockbuster Home.  You get a total of 15 movie channels, including EPIX, FXM and many, many more.  Not only that, you can stream directly to your TV, personal computer or even your IPad.  Plus, you can now get Blockbuster Home free for three months when you sign up for DISH! 

Going to the movie theater, especially when you have children and a larger family, can be very, very expensive.  You fight through traffic, you pay for parking, you buy tickets for everyone at a premium price point, you have to get some movie snacks, paying an outrageous cost… nowadays, who can afford this?  There is a better way, thanks to Blockbuster Home. 

Now you can have a service that gives you instant access to thousands of movies.  There are also multiple ways to watch.  The first is through your television set.  Make sure you get the most out of your HD TV by watching these 15 movie channels, including EPIX, STARZ Cinema, Sony Movie Channel, Hallmark Movie Channel, and FX Movie Channel, among many more.  Another way to enjoy is on demand by hooking up your DVR (HD Digital Video Recorder) to the internet which enables you to watch literally thousands of movies whenever you want, on demand!  In addition, you can watch from your personal device, including your phone or pad, by downloading the app or going to 

With this number of options and movies available, you simply can not lose by signing up for this service.  All your entertainment needs will be at your fingertips instantly.  Other movie channels include: Encore Suspense, MAVTV HD, Universal HD, Crime & Investigation HD, Palladia HD, Centric HD, LOGO HD, MoviePlex, IndiePlex HD, RetroPlex HD, EPIX 2, EPIX 3, HDNet Movies, MGM HD, Sony Movie Channel, Pixl, and World Fishing Network.  The possibilities are simple astounding! 

Questions?  We have all the answers you need, thanks to the customer service plan, included with each hook up.  Professional trouble shooters can answers and solve all your technical issues with clear, concise language you can understand with ease.  There will not be any confusion about how this service works, thanks to professionals ready to answer your questions. 

For example, want to know how to connect Blockbuster Home to your TV?  It’s simple; the first thing is to make sure your receiver is connected to the internet, which can be done online.  Next, you use your remote to activate the DVR function, then you select Blockbuster Home from the DISH On Demand Menu and then Show Results to display the thousands of titles available, which includes the search criteria like genre, rating, etc.  Then you can simply highlight the choice you want and begin watching instantly.  It’s that simple! 

You can watch from your computer just as easily.  First, go to and then log in using your personal ID and if you do not have one already, they are easy to get once you sign up for the service.  Then, like on your TV, you can scroll down and chose one of the already plugged in titles and begin watching instantly.  It is that fast. 

The same is true with any mobile device.  You go and download the DISH Anywhere app from the app store and once that is set up you can log on from there and then you click on the Blockbuster Home logo and it’s ready to go.  Browse the available titles and once you find one you want, watch it right then and there!  It could not be easier. 

Forget about the hassle and expense of watching films in the theater and chose Blockbuster Home now.  It is fast, simple, inexpensive and easy to use and enjoy.  Start now!


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