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Cher’s Fabulous Career

Cher’s Spectacular Career


Beginning in the 1960s, Cher has become an American legend. After she became half of Sonny & Cher and started her domination of the music industry, Cher’s life also took off in pursuit of acting. Her talents in both the music industry and on the big screen have been well-recognized around the world, and her fashion statements have only added to her uniqueness.

In the beginning, back in the early 60s, Cher sang solo and had Sonny Bono help her to write, arrange, and produce behind the scenes. Sonny soon decided they needed to become a team if either of them wanted to get anywhere. They chose the names Caesar and Cleo and released two songs, “Baby Don’t Go” and “The Letter.” There was still no success for either of them. In another attempt at conquering the music industry, they changed their names to Sonny & Cher. Shortly after doing so, they achieved great success in 1965 almost instantly as they officially entered into the world of music.

At this time, Cher was only nineteen, but thirty-year-old Sonny and she continued to produce hit after hit, with the release of their first album in the summer of 1965. “Look at Us” became a hit with the single “I’ve Got You Babe.” When the song reached #1, Sonny and Cher made the decision to re-release their song “Baby Don’t Go,” which, this, time quickly raced up the charts and held number eight for some time. Over the next couple years, more mild hits were released regularly by the famous duo, and soon they got another huge hit when they released “The Beat Goes On.” It hit number six on the charts in 1967, which sparked inspiration and led to many more hits down the road.

Throughout 1965 and 1972, Sonny & Cher received six “Top 10” hits overall, and Cher’s success continues today in both singing and acting. Even though Sonny & Cher had earned great rewards as a group, Sonny kept at his efforts of promoting Cher as a solo artist. Despite his efforts, Cher had only a couple solo hits. To take their careers in a different direction, they produced the Sonny & Cher comedy hour in the 1970s and it ran for three years in all. 

In 1975, the duo divorced so Cher continued her work as a solo artist. With all of her focus on her own music, Cher was able to score some Top 10 hits with “Half-Breed” and other tunes. Even after the duo was done with, Cher kept present with outrageous costumes that she would soon become just as famous for along with her singing skills themselves. Cher kept at her acting pursuit when she earned an Academy Award for her performance in Moonstruck during the 1980s. The 80s proved rewarding for Cher’s acting career as she got leading roles in Mask, and Silkwood got her an Academy Award nomination. 

Cher proved that her personality was in no way fading as she made eight hits during the 1990s. She also continued with her acting career as she prepared for her on-going success in the 2000s where she continued with acting and singing. In just three years’ time, Cher performed in over 200 shows at the Colosseum at Caesars Palace in Las Vegas. The series of musical shows was called Cher at the Colosseum, and they helped to prove that her fan base was still strong, along with her voice!

In 2014, Cher’s career was far from over as she launched yet another tour. But, she was unfortunately struck with a disease and was forced to end early. The tour would have been completing this past February.

Cher is still a prominent name in today’s society, and even after a four-decade long career, she still has success in both the movie and music industry. She’s adapted her style over the years to stay present with the times, without losing the uniqueness and personality that originally sparked interest from fans. Today, she participates in many charitable organizations and has helped multiple humanitarian groups.  

Even after threatening to retire a few times and taking a short break in 2005 before her Colosseum tour, Cher has proved that her music, personality, acting skills, and other unique talents are still relative and relatable in today’s society. While, at times, it may have seemed that Cher was on her way to exit the music and movie industry, her fan base has stayed strong and continued to grow around the world with fans of all ages. Cher’s adaptable style will help her continue to uphold her success for what fans hope is many more decades to come. 

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