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Charter Spectrum TV Apps

Charter Spectrum TV App

Think you have to be sitting in your living room to take advantage of the many features that Charter Cable has to offer? Think again! Charter Communications is taking advantage of new developments in entertainment by technology by allowing you to bring your Charter Cable with you when you're on the go!

The Charter Spectrum TV App has three primary uses: it lets you use multiple entertainment screens at one time, it lets you watch many Charter Cable channels on mobile screens in your home, and it allows you access to certain features or functions even if you are not actually in the home.

In the "old days", you might have to bargain or comprise with other members of your household for TV time. With the Charter Spectrum App, this is a thing of the past. The Charter Spectrum Mobile App allows you to connect certain mobile devices—such as iPads, iPhonse and laptops—with your Charter Communications account. As long as you have your Charter Cable account email and password, you can login to charter with multiple devices while in the same home. This means that you can watch one program on the television while your spouse watches another program on their iPad, and your child watches something new on their laptop. In other words: no more sharing or schedule conflicts!

Currently, the Charter Spectrum App is not able to provide access to the 10,000+ different programs that Charter Spectrum offers through a regular television. Still, there are over a hundred different great channels to choose from that can be viewed live from a mobile device as long as you are in the home. In addition to this wonderful feature, a mobile device can even act like a remote control for watching Charter Spectrum on the television!

Charter TV App

While you will be unable to watch the 10,000+ different television shows and films available through Charter Spectrum , you can still access other features or your Charter Spectrum account through the Charter App.

The Charter Spectrum App allows you to browse through the 10,000+ Charter Spectrum On Demand listings right on your mobile device, making it easier and faster to decide what you want to watch before you actually watch in.

And it doesn't stop there: You can also actually program your DVR using the Charter Spectrum App and (best of all!) you can program it even if you aren't actually at home. This great feature makes it easier than ever to make sure that you won't miss your favorite programs. For example, if you are at work and are suddenly given additional work that will make you late, simply access the Charter Spectrum App on your smart phone and program your DVR to record your show for you. No muss and no fuss!

The Charter Spectrum App really is the next step in cable technology. It allows you to bring your Charter Spectrum TV service with you wherever you are in the home, and even access it when you are at the office, at the coffee shop, or are just plain "out".

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