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Here is a List of the Charter Spectrum Packages

Packages Number of Channels Details Prices
1. Triple Play Select 125+ Channels with FREE HD & FREE DVR Service (for one year) Enjoy the best in sports, news and family cable television from Charter Spectrum. 60 Mbps wireless Internet - The fastest and most reliable speeds available. Unlimited nationwide calling and 18+ popular phone features. A great deal for families! From $29.99/mo- each for 12 months when bundled*
2. Triple Play Silver 175+ Channels with FREE HD & FREE DVR Service (for one year) All the great TV channels as our Select plan, plus premium media networks. 60 Mbps Internet - The fastest and most reliable network available from Charter Spectrum. Unlimited nationwide calling and 18+ popular features. Unparalleled customer service and the best package prices! SELECT + $20 more per month
3. Triple Play Gold 200+ Channels with FREE HD & FREE DVR Service (for one year) Enjoy the full Silver package plus our full guide of premium cable networks. 60 Mbps Internet - The fastest and most reliable service compared to other companies. Unlimited nationwide calling and 18+ popular features. An amazing bundle for first-time Charter customers! SILVER + $20 more per month for 12 mos*
4. TV Select + Internet 125+ channels Including FREE HD. Access 10,000+ On Demand choices - including HD and movies in 3D. Stream live TV and On Demand content with the Spectrum TV App. Access your favorite network TV apps. Optional DVR service can be added on up to 4 TVs in your home – up to 780 hours of storage. Speeds starting at 60 Mbps. FREE Online Protection with Security Suite. FREE Access to all EPIX online content. FREE Internet modem. No data caps or extra fees. This Charter Spectrum promotion won't last forever! from $59.99 /mo for 12 mos.* + $29.99 /mo for 12 mos.*
5. TV Select 10+ 125+ channels Including FREE HD. Access 10,000+ On Demand choices - including HD and movies in 3D. Stream live TV and On Demand content with the Spectrum TV App. Access your favorite network TV apps. Optional DVR service can be added on up to 4 TVs in your home – up to 780 hours of storage. This special deal is great for first-time customers! from $64.99 /mo for 12 mos.*

Reason #1. Incredible number of television channels

Charter TV Offers

The primary reason to buy Charter Spectrum TV packages is the incredible number of channels that you can choose from. Charter Spectrum TV divides its packages into three main tiers – Select, Silver and Gold – and then gives you a different number of channels with each of them.

So here’s what makes Charter Spectrum TV so great – even if you get the most affordable package (Select), you’re still getting access to 125+ channels. With Silver, you’re getting access to 175+ channels. And with Gold, the very best package, you’re getting access to 200+ channels. That’s just mind-boggling.

And the Charter Channel Lineup provides you with all the best sports, entertainment, news and kids’ programming channels, too. For example, with Select, you’re getting ESPN for sports and CNN for news. Those are usually the two channels that people can’t live without, and they’re included!

And, of course, you get all the major broadcast channels, like ABC, CBS, NBC and FOX. But that’s just the beginning – you’re also getting a lot of the great entertainment channels with so many great new shows, like Hallmark, HGTV and A&E.

Reason #2. Premium movie channels

Charter Premium Movie Channels

When you upgrade from Select to Silver or Gold, that’s when you start getting access to some truly epic movie channels. For example, with Silver, you get HBO, Showtime and Cinemax.

Those are easily the most popular premium movie channels around, and you get them included in your Silver package! With Gold, you get even more premium movie channels.

At one time, these premium movie channels just showed movies. Maybe there was an occasional concert or comedy show, but it was mostly movies. But have you checked out the programming on HBO, Showtime and Cinemax recently?

They’ve started to create some amazing original series. The most obvious example, of course, is HBO. They have given us so many great series, from “The Sopranos” to “Sex and the City” to “Girls” to “Game of Thrones.” So even if you’re not a huge movie fan, you’re still getting access to some of the best programming on TV these days. If you’re a fan of “Game of Thrones,” you will absolutely need to get HBO.

Reason #3. Amazing HD quality

Charter HD Channels

When it comes to delivering a crisp, crystal-clear picture, Charter Spectrum TV doesn’t play around. Of all the major cable companies, Charter Spectrum seems to believe in HD more than anyone else.

As a result, every channel is delivered in beautiful, stunning High Definition quality whenever possible. If you have an HDTV, you’ll really appreciate the difference.

Did you know that HD delivers 6 times the screen resolution of SD? Imagine being able to watch your favorite shows with the crispest, highest-resolution screen possible. If you’re a sports fan, you won’t believe how cool it is to watch your favorite team in HD.

Imagine watching a football game and seeing your favorite stars up close! All these HD channels are free, too. There’s no hidden charge to get these HD channels.

Charter DVR Offers

Reason #4. Free DVR included with every Spectrum TV package

If you’re like most people, you probably enjoy watching TV on your own schedule, according to your own needs. For example, if you work all day, you probably don’t want to race home at the end of the day to watch your favorite primetime shows. And if you go on the occasional vacation, you probably want some convenient way to keep up with all your shows, right?

That’s why Charter Spectrum includes a free (FREE!) Digital Video Recorder with every single TV package. With some cable or satellite providers, the DVR might cost extra, or it might only be available if you buy the most expensive TV package. But not with Charter Spectrum! As long as you’re a Charter Spectrum TV customer, you’re getting the free DVR.

Charter HD Channel Options

This DVR can connect up to 4 different TV sets in your household, and it contains enough storage for the entire season of any show. This makes it so easy and convenient to use.

You probably like to binge-watch shows, right? Well, that’s a great way to use the free DVR. Record an entire season of a show, and then binge-watch it with your DVR.

And, as you start to explore everything that Charter Spectrum offers, you’ll simply be blown away by the power of the DVR. You can use it to stop, rewind, or pause your shows. And you can even use it to pause and then play “live” TV! Wait, doesn’t this break the laws of physics or something?

Imagine telling one of your friends that you have the power to pause “live” action and resume it at any time. This used to be a plot device in science fiction films, but now it’s a reality for Charter Spectrum package subscribers.

Imagine watching a baseball game with your favorite team. If you’re recording the game with your DVR, you can “pause” the game to get up and get some popcorn or pizza, and then resume it when you’re back on the couch. That’s just amazing – you never miss any of the action!

Reason #5. Over 10,000 On Demand titles

Charter On Demand Programming

When you find out that Charter Spectrum TV offers over 10,000 titles On Demand, you’ll probably want to sign up immediately. Yes, that’s right – Charter Spectrum has an incredible archive of over 10,000 movies and shows that you can watch at any time.

This really gives you some amazing power to control your own personal entertainment experience. It might be 2:00 am in the morning, but you can still be assured that you have access to the most amazing shows and movies.

Many of these On Demand offerings are free, too. For example, Charter Spectrum TV has a really cool feature called “Free Primetime On Demand.” That name says it all. What it means for you, the viewer, is that you get any single show on primetime, completely free at any time.

You get all the best primetime shows, from NBC, ABC, CBS or FOX. So, let’s say you’re favorite primetime show comes on every Thursday night. You don’t need to be home at exactly that time to watch it.

And you don’t even have to fire up the DVR to record it. That’s because the show will be waiting for you already, as part of the Free Primetime On Demand selections.

Charter On Demand HD

Oh, and did you know that 1,500 of the 10,000 titles are offered in HD? Most of the recent movies are in HD, so that ensures that you’re always watching your favorite movie and TV stars in full, glorious HD.

You have the option to watch in standard definition (SD), of course, but why would you possibly do that if you can watch in HD on your big screen HDTV?

And here’s one more cool thing about Charter Spectrum On Demand – you also get access to al the On Demand offerings from the premium movie channels like HBO. Thus, as long as you’re getting HBO (by signing up for Silver or Gold), you can watch a full archive of HBO shows and series.

Maybe you’re just dying to re-watch “The Sopranos” – well, you don’t have to go out and buy some box set of DVDs to do that. Just use the On Demand offerings from HBO!

Reason #6. Incredible Pay-Per-View offerings

Charter PPV Events

There are some events that are so amazing and so epic that Spectrum can only offer them on a Pay-Per-View basis. This might be a killer heavyweight boxing match, or an epic wrestling event, or some incredible MMA cage match.

It can also include things like concerts and other performances. What’s so amazing about these PPV events is that they are so exclusive. Some people specifically plan to go out to a bar that’s televising these events so that they can watch.

But now you can just invite people over to your house and watch on a big screen TV. PPV just rocks, and now you get access to this incredible feature when you sign up for a Charter Spectrum TV package.

Reason #7. On-The-Go TV

Charter Spectrum is fully committed to offering you TV in new, innovative ways. One of these is by offering an on-the-go TV experience. There are 13 different mobile apps that you can download in order to enjoy Charter Spectrum TV content. OK, that might sound like a lot of apps to manage on your smartphone or tablet, but it’s really not.

Charter Spectrum TV App

Let’s start with the Spectrum TV app. You can think of this as your “home base” for navigating Charter Spectrum on-the-go. This lets you watch 170 live TV channels anywhere you go in your home on any one of your mobile devices.

That’s pretty awesome. And it also lets you watch 60 networks on-the-go, even when you leave your house. This includes a mix of networks offering sports, movies and shows.

For most people, having 60 TV networks to watch wherever they go would be more than enough. But you can see why there have to be more apps than just the Spectrum TV app, right? You might want to watch more than 60 TV networks. So you can just as easily download the HBO app to watch HBO content on-the-go.

In order to get the most out of your Spectrum TV app, it’s really best to pair with Spectrum Internet, which gives you in-home Wi-Fi. That lets you stream content very easily. Since every square foot of your home is going to be blanketed in Wi-Fi, which means you can use your mobile devices wherever you go.

For example, you might want to watch a movie on your tablet before you go to bed in your bedroom. Or, you might want to watch the end of a big football game in your kitchen while you’re preparing dinner. That’s the real power of Charter Spectrum on-the-go –it frees you up to enjoy TV content whenever and wherever.

Reason #8. Best-in-class customer service

Charter Customer Service

Charter Spectrum takes its customers seriously, and is fully committed to offering best-in-class customer service. You simply won’t be treated better anywhere else you go. If you have a problem with your service, you can always reach a (human) customer service representative.

And you won’t have to worry about a confusing “tree” of customer service options. This is one reason why Charter Spectrum is so popular these days!

This should give you a good idea of how seriously Charter Spectrum takes customer service: the company has been on a mission to hire 20,000 new customer service representatives!

And the company is moving all of its overseas call centers back to the United States! This makes things so much better for customers. Every call is really going to be a chance to learn more about Charter Spectrum.

Reason #9. Charter Spectrum makes it easy to switch

Charter Spectrum Service

The main reason someone might not want to switch to Charter Spectrum is because their current provider is making it difficult – if not impossible – to do so. And can you blame that poor competitor?

That company knows the value proposition of Charter Spectrum is so strong and so appealing that, as soon as someone even samples Charter Spectrum content and services, they are going to want to switch.

And now Charter Spectrum is making it a lot easier to do so. In one promotion the company is running now, Charter Spectrum will buy out your existing contract for up to $500 in early termination fees and penalties. That’s pretty amazing, if you think about it.

In other words, your current service provider may be threatening you now with hundreds of dollars in “fees” and “penalties” if you quit. Well, you can just laugh at their threats, because Charter Spectrum will take care of all that for you. You’re protected for up to $500!

Reason #10. Amazing bundles and bundle prices

Charter Bundles Deals

Well, we’ve saved the best reason for last. Chances are, you’re already convinced that Charter Spectrum TV is the right choice for you. But there’s one more way that Charter Spectrum is going to sweeten the pot, and that’s by making available some pretty insanely attractive bundles.

The most popular bundles are known as “Triple Play” bundles. They’re called “Triple Play” because they involve 3 different Charter Spectrum services – TV, Internet and Voice.

When you agree to subscribe to all 3 at the same time, the pricing becomes incredibly low. For example, with the Triple Play Select package, you will only pay $29.99 per month for each service when bundled.

If you decide to buy the Triple Play Silver package, you will only pay an additional $20 on top of the price of the Select package. And if you buy the Triple Play Gold package, you will only pay an additional $20 on top of the price of the Silver package.

And you should really take a good look at how amazing those other services – Internet and Voice – really are. With Internet, you’re getting access to a minimum upload and download speed of 60 Mbps. That’s plenty fast for streaming movies, downloading music and playing multi-player video games. And with Spectrum Voice, you’re getting access to free nationwide long-distance calling AND you get 18 popular digital calling features.

Of course, you don’t have to get the Triple Play. Some people prefer to get just the Double Play, such as TV + Internet. But you don’t save nearly as much money with the Double Play.

You can do a few back-of-the-envelope calculations here, comparing Charter Spectrum to other service providers, and you can see that Charter Spectrum always seems to offer the best pricing.

For example, think of the price difference involved in going from Triple Play Select to Triple Play Silver. That’s a total of $20. For that extra $20, you get more than 50 additional channels of TV content.

And… you get HBO, Cinemax and Showtime. If you tried to order HBO, Cinemax and Showtime separately from some other provider, you’d be paying way more than $20 per month.

Final takeaways

Charter Spectrum Bundles

It’s easy to see why Charter Spectrum TV packages are so popular. Now that Charter Communications is a truly national brand (after its mega-merger with Time Warner Cable), you’re starting to see all the amazing things that are now possible from the company.

It means more TV channels, even higher quality HD offerings, fantastic on screen guide and lots of new digital offerings! Moreover, it’s going to become easier and easier to take Charter Spectrum TV content with you on-the-go, wherever you’re headed.

For all these reasons, you simply have to sign up for Charter Spectrum TV today! For the most TV channels, the most On Demand offerings, the best customer service, and so much amazing DVR functionality, the clear choice is Charter Spectrum TV.

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