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Why Do You Need Charter Spectrum DVR Service?

Charter DVR ServicesAre you considering getting a Charter Spectrum DVR? Charter Spectrum TV brings you the best in television entertainment. With hundreds of television channels, high definition content, and highly competitive prices, there’s no doubt that Charter Spectrum TV offers the best deals for TV viewers. Add to it the spectacular colors, amazing resolution, and blissful sound quality, and you see that Charter Spectrum TV is the best there can be.

But, the perfectionist Charter Spectrum does not stop there. It goes ahead and brings to you the one thing that you deserve the most when it comes to your entertainment – convenience. They offer you the convenience of watching your TV entertainment whenever you want, wherever you want, and with whomever you want. They made this happen through their revolutionary and state-of-the-art DVR.

The Charter Spectrum DVR service is the next step in the evolution of live television entertainment. It brings you the convenience of online streaming, and the breadth of content that cable TV offers. It’s the most fascinating combination of two very different worlds.

For All the Entertainment You Need

Charter Spectrum TV DVR DealsOur schedules are getting increasingly erratic. After a hard day’s work, when you return home, you just want to grab a snack or a drink, sink into your couch, and spend some quality time with your favorite television entertainment. But, what really happens?

You get a pile of work at your office, get stuck in the traffic, or perhaps, your work timings are so erratic that you hardly ever reach home at the right time to catch the shows you like. No wonder, you don’t have anything to discuss at the watercooler the next day. If all of this sounds a tad too familiar, then it’s time you are introduced to the awesomeness of Charter Spectrum Digital Video Recorder service.

Charter Spectrum DVR service allows you to record any television program you like. Really, there’s no stopping you from recording any type of TV content. Your pain of missing the programs of your liking will only magnify when you sign up for premium channels.

You pay a premium just to catch some of your favorite shows on these channels, and when you are unable to watch them, you naturally get very frustrated. With Charter Spectrum DVR in your house, you leave all these things firmly in the past.

The DVR allows you to record all your programs and watch them according to your convenience. You don’t have to miss any show just because of meetings, traffic, erratic schedules, and even when two shows are airing at the same time.

All of this is not limited to recording programming alone. You can even record live programs like sporting events – Super Bowl, NFA, NBA, and so on. Plus, once you record them, you can watch the recordings as many times as you like, to your heart’s content.

Right DVR for the Right TV Viewer

Charter TV DVR OffersCharter Communications offers different types of DVRs designed for different types of consumers. Every TV viewer has unique entertainment needs. Some viewers enjoy going on a binge watching spree. They like to record and watch entire seasons of their favorite shows. Some are sports fanatics, who never miss a single match of their favorite game.

They like to keep tons and tons of latest season’s events and watch them later. Unlike them, some TV viewers watch an occasional blockbuster movie, a sporting event when they are in the mood, or a funny show for the gags. Whatever group you belong to, Charter Spectrum has the right DVR for your TV viewing needs.

Charter Spectrum offers a variety of hard disk sizes to go with their DVRs. Subscribers can get the right size hard disk for their DVR. If you are an extensive TV viewer who watches a number of TV shows and movies every week, then you need a DVR that comes with a larger hard disk.

You will be able to record and store more number of TV shows and movies with your DVR to suit your viewing pattern. Similarly, if your DVR usage is not high, then you should go with a DVR that comes with a smaller size hard disk.

The number of shows and movies that you can record and save on your DVR depends on two factors – your DVR’s hard disk size, and format of the programs that you are recording. Analog shows take up a lot more storage space than standard definition shows on the hard disk. But, high definition videos are the biggest in size.

Charter Digital Video RecorderWhen you record your TV programs in high definition, they occupy the largest storage space on your hard disk. Thus, you can easily calculate how many hours of standard definition and high definition programming you can record and store on your DVR at any time. If you run out of storage space on your DVR, then earlier programs will need to be deleted to make space for the new ones.

For instance, Charter Spectrum offers a DVR that comes with 80GB of hard drive storage capacity. On an average, you can record and store about 30 hours of HD digital programming on this hard disk. Alternatively, you can store about 50 hours of SD digital programming on the same hard disk. If this does not cut it for you, you can always go for a bigger hard disk.

Charter Spectrum offers up to 160GB of hard disk with their DVR. With this version, you can record and store as much as 90 hours of SD digital programming, which take up the same size as 54 hours of HD digital programming. This should be more than enough for even the most hardcore TV viewer.

The size of hard disk to go with your DVR should not only be dependent on your viewing patterns, but also on the number of members in your family. With more members in the family, different members are bound to have different tastes in television.

Naturally, there will be times when two or more members will have the schedules of their favorite programs clashing with each other. Charter Spectrum DVR allows you to record a program while you are watching another program, so that none of you miss your favorite programs.

Seamless Integration

Charter Spectrum TV DVRThe hallmark of a good product is the ease of use. The consumers should find it effortless to learn and use it, especially in case of a DVR that is used routinely. Charter Spectrum DVR is an excellent example of how modern technology can be so intuitive and easy to use for even the not-so-tech-savvy people.

The DVR allows you to record and store anything you want – movies, sitcoms, dramas, sports, or something else without facing any hiccups. The whole thing is so seamlessly integrated that it is impossible to distinguish between watching live TV and switching over to recorded shows.

The whole thing is present for users in such an easy-to-navigate interface that you can switch between recorded shows and live channels in a heartbeat. In a simple all-encompassing interface, you can browse through and watch a variety of live TV channels, On-Demand content, and recorded programs easily.

Schedule All Your Recordings

Charter TV DVR FeaturesIf you are a regular TV viewer, then you probably have a bunch of dramas, sitcoms, or action TV shows that you follow passionately. You don’t want to miss even a single episode from your list of favorite shows.

But, more often than not, your commitment towards work, or family end up forcing you to miss some episodes invariably. Of course, you can set your DVR for recording your shows. But, what if you forget it? Or what if you go away from home for an extended period? Don’t worry. The Charter Spectrum Digital Video Recorder takes care of all such emergencies.

The DVR allows you to set the recordings for your preferred times and channels. In addition to this, you don’t have to set the recordings repeatedly. You can set the DVR to record a show at the time of its airing, and that’s it. It will automatically record the show at the prescribed time every day, without any supervision.

Suppose, you like a show that airs on the weekday evenings at 7 o’clock. You can set the DVR to record the program at 7 in the evening on all weekdays. Thus, even if you are not home to set the DVR to record for tomorrow and the day after tomorrow, the DVR will do it automatically. You come back home and happily access all the recordings of your favorite shows that your Charter Spectrum DV has promptly recorded for you.

Record Simultaneously Airing Shows

Charter DVR RecordingsThe Spectrum DVR is a 21st century solution for a modern TV viewer. An avid TV viewer like you may have multiple favorite programs on different channels. This is especially true for a family, where members tend to have different tastes in TV entertainment.

All of this difference in TV preferences will create a clash with each other’s shows. This problem compounds during prime time, when all channels try to attract the most number of audiences by airing their best shows.

So, what happens then? You probably have your favorite drama airing at the same time as your kids want to watch their favorite kids’ programming. But, no. None of you have to compromise on your TV viewing experience because of difference in preferences.

Thanks to this DVR, you don’t have to choose between the two shows. You can enjoy both of them. The DVR allows you to record a live show and watch another live show simultaneously. This way, you can watch one show at the time of its airing, and then another show’s recording later, if their airing times clash with each other.

Alternatively, the DVR can record 2 live feeds simultaneously. What’s more, you can even be enjoying an on-demand programming with your family and friends, and set the DVR to record a live program for later viewing. As you can see, Spectrum DVR delivers the next level convenience in TV viewing experience that is far superior to anything that is available in the market.


Charter DVR Tech SupportCharter Spectrum has not left any stone unturned to deliver the most convenience and feature-rich DVR to its subscribers. However, if you wish to not use Spectrum’s DVR, and prefer to use a third-party DVR, then you can do so. However, Charter Spectrum extends technical support to only the devices that it offers and not to third-party devices.

So, if you happen to face any technical problems with your third-party DVR in the future, then Charter takes absolutely no responsibility for the same, and won’t be inclined to help you in any way with regards to addressing such issues.

On the other hand, if you are using a Spectrum DVR, then Charter goes out of its way to help you in every way it can. For instance, setting up the DVR and Spectrum TV receiver can be confusing to some of our users.

That’s why Charter offers free installation to all the Spectrum DVR subscribers. Also, you get the guarantee of Charter’s reputed technical support services, which will help resolve any technical problems that you may face with your Spectrum DVR.


Charter DVR Recording OptionsA Digital Video Recorder (DVR) can store many hours of recorded programming in a digital format on a hard drive built into your Spectrum receiver, and you can easily manage and select those programs from the Interactive Program Guide.

With Spectrum DVR service, your daily schedule does not have to revolve around your TV guide. You get to decide when you want to watch your television entertainment. This DVR gives you complete control over your entertainment.

Thanks to the Spectrum DVR service, you don’t have to miss that much-anticipated movie, just because of your late evening meeting at office. Neither do you have to miss the latest episode of your favorite show because your spouse likes to watch a different program at the exact same time.

All you need to do is set your Spectrum DVR to record the programs you like at the correct time, and the DVR will promptly save the programs for you to enjoy later, at your convenience. An amazing thing about Spectrum DVR is that it allows you to record all your content in pure HD, if you have an High Definition television connection.

But, here’s the most brilliant feature of Spectrum DVRs – most of the Spectrum DVRs can record and save programs even if the DVRs themselves are not switched on, provided that you had scheduled the recordings previously.  Call now and order.

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