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Charter Spectrum® Pay Per View

Pay Per View events have been a staple of television for years. In the past, Pay Per View could be expensive, cumbersome—and even hard to find! However, Charter Spectrum's Pay Per View services are everything you could want from a modern Pay Per View service and more. If you're tired of hunting down bars showing the latest Pay Per View events or you're ready to toss out your unwieldy Pay Per View membership subscriptions, then take a look at everything Charter Spectrum's Pay Per View has to offer.


The prices of Pay Per View events offered via the Charter Pay Per View service will vary from program to program and are typically set by the event's producers rather than Charter Cable Company. However, Charter Communications strives to offer programs which offer the best in quality for the best price.


The benefits of choosing Charter Spectrum's Pay Per View is that it's fast, top quality, affordable and—best of all—always there for you. You won't ever be booted off because you aren't a "premium member", you won't ever have to crowd around a small bar TV and strain to hear the program. Charter Spectrum offers the best and latest in Pay Per View programming that is sent directly to your television (or smart entertainment system, like your iPad or iPhone) and can be watched in crystal-clear quality! As an added benefit, Charter Spectrum actually hosts multiple time slots for these special events. Meaning you won't have to rush home to make sure you're home in time, because Charter Spectrum will show the event at various times throughout the day, making sure that you—the customer—can watch the event no matter what your schedule is like.

For parents or adult guardians, Charter Spectrum's service offers an additional benefit: content control. Controlling what children are allowed to see is always a concern, which is why Charter Spectrum offers special parental content controls that can block Pay Per View events with certain content—such as violent, sexual situations, adult language, certain ratings, and so on—without the use of a special password. This will make sure that any Pay Per View programming the younger members of the household purchase is appropriate for them. Parents can even block specific members of the household from using the Pay Per View service—meaning no unwanted charges from children who try to buy hundreds of dollars' worth of programming!

Another reason Charter Spectrum's Pay Per View is top-notch is its ease of use. Some cable companies require you to buy special equipment before you can watch anything from a Pay Per View subscription. Charter Cable TV gives you everything you need right from the get go. You can purchase and access your Pay Per View programs with a few clicks of your remote control. The charges for your special purchase will be added to your monthly bill, and you won't need to input credit card information. You'll never spend 20 minutes trying to set up a special Pay Per View event again!

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