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Charter Spectrum Voice Deals

Spectrum Voice

Who needs a cell phone anymore? Landlines are back!

Don't freak, just a joke. It's not time to turn your cell phones in just yet. Although, with Spectrum's Voice you may start to consider retiring your cell phone after all.

Spectrum's home phone allows you unlimited local and long distance calling in the U.S., Canada, Puerto Rico, Guam, and the Virgin Islands without those frustrating added costs that other phone companies charge.

The home phone offers 13 special calling features with 411 accessibility and usage at no extra cost.

Charter Cable's Voice features include all basic calling features such as call waiting, caller ID, call waiting with caller ID, and 3 way calling.

Charter Communications home phone gives you around the clock personal voicemail answering services and always lets you know when you have an unheard or unanswered message.

With Spectrum's Call Forwarding feature you can forward any calls to another number while you are away from home and you can be even more selective with the Call Forwarding Selective feature that can forward up to 12 specific numbers exclusively.

You can be very selective with who you accept calls from with Charter Spectrum Voice's Selective Call Acceptance feature. You can choose up to 12 numbers that you have programmed to allow calls through with. For anyone else trying to reach you, they will be forwarded to a polite message explaining that calls are not being accepted at this particular time.

Anonymous calls may be automatically rejected and sent to an automated voice message explaining that you will not receive calls from blocked IDs as long as they remain that way with the Anonymous Call Rejection feature.

Speed Dialing for up to 8 numbers and Customized Rings for up to 12 numbers are also featured with Spectrum's Voice.

Another great feature offered with Charter Spectrum Voice is Repeat Dialing where you can continue to call a number that is giving a repeated busy signal until you are notified that your call is able to get through.

Charter Home Phone Offers

All features aside, for most of us who are no where near ready to give up our cell phones, having Spectrum's Home Phone is great for saving on cell phone minutes.

Charter Spectrum Voice provides customers with unlimited minutes for those 5 hour-long conversations with long lost pals or family members you haven't caught up with in ages.

Charter Spectrum Phone has great low per minute rates for international calls and has a plan that allots 250 talk minutes to over 200 destinations worldwide for another low rate.

With the purchase of Internet services from Charter as well, you can manage your Home Phone from anywhere you are with Charter Cable Phone Online Manager.

With Spectrum Voice you no longer have to freak out when you lose power and your cell phone is running low on battery charge. Stay safe and in communication with the Home Phone battery backup installation. Battery back up allows for 5 hours of talk time and 8 hours of stand-by.

Charter Spectrum Phone also keeps your family extra safe with enhanced 911 services in case of emergencies and Charter phone works alongside most home security systems.

Stay safe, stay connected, stay charged, and stay in touch with Charter Spectrum Voice! Get Spectrum Bundles with Charter Spectrum TV and High Speed Internet for less!

Spectrum Voice FAQs

✅ Does Spectrum provide a home phone?

Yes! Spectrum Voice gives you unlimited local and long distance calling and up to 28 awesome home phone features.

✅ Does Spectrum Voice have voicemail?

Yes! Spectrum Voice offers standard voicemail service as well as readable voicemail, which allows you to receive an audio file and text transcription of the voicemail via email.

✅ Does Spectrum home phone have caller ID?

Spectrum Voice caller ID will not only let you know who is calling, but it can display the name and number on your TV.

✅ Is Spectrum Home Phone expensive?

Spectrum Home Phone starts at $9.99/mo. and includes unlimited local and long distance, as well as a ton of other popular features.

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