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Charter Spectrum TV® On Screen Guide

Charter TV On Screen Guide

One of the best features about Charter Spectrum TV is its all-encompassing, easy to use and helpful On Screen Guide. Don't think of the On Screen guide as a simple menu. Think of the On Screen Guide is the "hub" of your Charter Cable service! The On Screen Guide is there to help you to find programming to watch, record shows, purchase Pay Per view events and other special subscriptions, and manage your cable settings, parental controls--and much more.


The core of any menu or guide is how easy it is for customers to use. The Charter On Screen Guide has been especially designed with a quick learning curve, meaning customers will be able to get the hang of it quickly and without too much trouble.

How to Use

The On Screen Guide is very easy to use, but you may still need some helpful tips and advice about how to use the guide, and the best ways to use it so that you are getting the most out of your Charter Cable subscription.

One of the main features of the On Screen Guide is the search feature. The search feature is, as you would expect, a search function that lets you search for TV shows, movies and other programming. All you need to do is hit the 'search' button on the remote control or on the menu, type in the first few letters of the program, and you'll be lead to any relevant search results.

Charter Spectrum OnScreen Guide

If you don't know exactly what you are looking for, you can also search for programming by topic or category. This includes broad categories such as television and film; as well as topic categories, such as: sports, horror, comedy, children's programming, and more. This handy feature makes it easy to look for programming based on your age or even your mood!

If you are looking to purchase special programs, such as Pay Per View programming, exclusive subscriptions, premium channels and more, the On Screen Guide makes it simple, fast and very easy to use. You can use your remote control to access these additional programs via the categories made available to you on the main menu screen—you can even use the On Screen Guide to purchase these additional programs with the click of the button, which will add the price to your monthly statement. There's no need to break out your credit card or Charter Communications account information—all you need to do is find the paid programming you want to see, select it, and enjoy the show!

In addition to allowing you to access thousands of different programs via the On Screen Guide, you can also access the settings and control features of Charter Spectrum TV. If you are a parent or adult guardian, you can set and alter parental controls that will allow you to control the type of programming that children can view. This includes blocking programming rated for certain types of content, like violence or adult language, as well as blocking programming based on channels, rating and more.

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