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Charter Spectrum® HD

Charter Spectrum HD

Are you tired of grainy, fuzzy and generally low quality television? Many cable companies only offer a medium (at best!) quality picture. Charter Spectrum HD, on the other hand, provides high quality, high definition television delivered straight to your living room, iPhone, iPad or other Charter Cable TV compatible device. The popularity of HD is not surprising—imaging seeing the top-notch quality you experience in the movie theaters, but right in your living room.

High definition video lets you see more details and really brings the TV show or film on the screen to life. But Charter Spectrum HD is more than visual quality: it provides high definition audio quality as well, completing the picture by providing a full, well rounded high definition experience.

But why choose this HD experience over a regular experience? First, imagine the crisp visuals and lush audio that you experience in any excellent digital movie theater. Normally, you would have to drive to a movie theater (that's gas money!); buy popcorn and drinks (more money!); and wait in an impersonal theater, risking the chance of other people ruining the film with talking, constant wrapper noise, and other potential disruptions—and then you would get to watch the film.

With Charter Spectrum HD, on the other hand, all you need to do to get the "movie theater experience" is switch to HD using your On Screen Guide—then enjoy! There's really nothing to it. And unlike other cable companies, Charter Spectrum HD provides thousands of different programs in incomparable high definition quality. It's not just movies in high definition, either. You won't have to settle for watching the news on a fuzzy screen, or sigh as you watch your favorite primetime TV show in poor quality.

Standard Definition vs. Charter Spectrum HD

Charter TV HD Deals

Comparing standard definition (which is available from most cable companies) to high definition is an exercise in technological progress. A standard definition picture will contain grain, fuzzy pictures, even 'dots' or occasionally other visual disruptions. Standard definition audio is often one-dimensional and flat, even if you are using external speakers. One of the major downsides to standard definition is that it will often appear even grainier if you are using a large TV, and HDTV, or a projection screen. When standard definition television was created, it was meant for much smaller TV dimensions—as such, the larger sizes of modern TVs often clash with standard definition.

Charter Spectrum HD, on the other hand, is tailor-made for large television screens, HD televisions, and large projection screens. The high definition video will look crisp and clear on larger pictures sizes, as well as smaller pictures (such as iPads or other smart devices).

If you are tired of the poor quality often experienced by modern homeowners with standard definition on their large and high quality televisions, Charter Spectrum HD is the perfect choice. You will receive thousands of HD programming—with more programming being added on a consistent basis—that looks great, sounds great, and will provide HDTV entertainment for the whole family.

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