Star Trek: Picard Season 1 Review

Interested in Stark Trek: Picard? We love a good comeback. Furthermore, based on Star Trek’s track record, even the worst Star Fleet crews seem to please. However, they are taking the series into a more fractious quest by pulling a 92-year-old Captain Jean-Luc Picard (Sir Patrick Stewart) out of retirement and throwing him into a new rebellious crew with a mission to find closure through righteous revenge.

Star Trek Picard CBS All AccessOpening with an unraveling of emotional turmoil and a simulated Earl Grey, we find Picard sipping away at his longing to find healing and closure from loss of his friend and AI companion, Lieutenant Commander Data (Brent Spiner). If you missed Star Trek: Nemesis, Data sacrificed himself to the Romulans in a mission to save Star Fleet.

Abruptly, Piccard finds himself being pulled out of his tea and wine from his Chateau, where he must leave his new sidekick a pit-bull terrier he named “Number One.”

Following will be a chain of events that drag us all through the rabbit hole that is the Star Trek Universe.

The opening scene is set almost 20 years after his role in Nemesis, which left us in tears – not because Data got deleted, but because the movie didn’t get the ratings; fans weren’t impressed.

In the first episode of Star Trek: Picard, Rememberance, Picard is sought out by Dahj (Isa Briones), who seems to be connected somehow to his past. Coincidently, she is also mourning the loss of her recently slaughtered boyfriend after intruders disrupted their acceptance celebration into the esteemed AI and Robotics Daystrom Institue. This triggering her unknown ability to do karate as well, allowing her to survive and escape to Picard’s vineyard. Although she doesn’t know Picard, her memory bank “reminds” her he is the man that she needs to go to for help.

Star Trek Picard DataPicard and Dahj meet and showing her unreasoned feeling of security to Picard instantly, they travel back to the AI University together. Unfortunately, the decision to return turns to misfortune, and we join an obvious aged Picard as he tries to save Dahj from the Romulans, only to fail and witness her deletion as well. This chain of events only extending his turmoil and confusion as to why she was drawn to him in the first place.

Her short but stirring debut, however, is what makes the risk of overcrowding the first episode less of a threat and more a necessity for building a plot that can link back to the finales of Nemesis, Voyager and Next Generation. Dahj’s presence molds the past together with the present giving more convergence of Data’s desires to be human and Picard’s need to mentor. Consequently, it just gets deeper from there.

[Episode 5] ‘Remembrance’ engages with a complex mystery that blends the right balance of series lore and thought-provoking themes, marking it as a bold new chapter in the Star Trek canon.” – Rotten Tomatoes

This is just one review from Rotten Tomatoes that harbors trust in the next generation of Star Trek novelty among a galaxy of great reviews.

Traveling through the Star Trek Spectrum

Moving into the next three episodes, we find ourselves following the formula of plot building: Picard putting together a team; Picard and Dahj contemplating their existence, so they have a reason to continue the show; Picard meeting Dahj’s twin sister Soji, permitting the piecing together of maybes for building the timeline for more great television.

These events come with the underlying assumption that Data did, in fact, have children, twins to be exact, which only answers the question of why the Romulans wanted Soji terminated in the first place.

Picard resigned as Captain because the Federation joined missions with the Romulans to wipe out all fabricated life after rouge AI goes on a killing spree. At some point, the twins, Soji and Dahj’s history, will entail a more extended commentary on why and two were saved.

Nevertheless, this plot sequence is broken up when we are brought back to the Borg in the 5th episode of Star Trek: Picard, Stardust City Rag. Seven of Nine (Jeri Ryan) and Picard are finally cast in the same view as she also explores trying to save the world because of a leaky valve of compassion, an emotion which she once could not relate to due to her mechanical genesis.

Jeri Ryan Plays Seven Of NineFor those unfamiliar with the Borg, it is a cyborg collective consciousness that consumes technology so it can promote a mission to “raise the quality of life” by “assimilating” species across the galaxy. It also views androids, such as Data, as primitive. They do not speak of themselves in the I, but in the first person “we” because they are part of a conscious collective, hence “Seven of Nine.”

Seven first appears in the Star Trek: Voyager series, where she becomes aware of herself as a separate entity while gaining compassion toward other species, as we mentioned above. Her appearance in Stardust City Rag intertwines her’s and Picard’s compassion and longing for closure by allowing them to mission together in search of Dr. Bruce Maddox ( John Ales).

Why are they looking for him? You’ll have to connect with your Spectrum On Demand for that. Let’s just say episode 5 gives Star Trek: Picard a raw Sin City edge we find slightly warming and necessary for mixing up the plot.

Star Trek: The Captains Log

So, as to not completely spoil the whole show, we want to say we are pleased, which seems to be the consensus of most Star Trek fans. Although some do complain it brings back the darker vibe they tried with the less popular Start Trek: Deep Space 9.

Where they went right is letting Sir Patrick Stewart guide the show with Picard’s iconic and morally driven character prose. This Captain’s Log – star-date, somewhere in the 24th century- gazes more in-depth into the projections of what it means to continue the fight for what is right. And at 92, Picard seems to have a decent handle on himself since coming out of retirement as a bounty hunter of sorts.

The characters that build up in each show so far are a great mix of what we all have come to love from the cast of Next Generation. Start Trek writers seem to be bandaging the wounds from Nemesis while simultaneously offering the healing of our favorite master Captain, Jean-Luc Picard. Though aged, he is still willing to stand up for what is right when protecting morale in the Star Trek Universe.

His newly gathered rebellion crew of old and new Star Fleet companions carry their own back story, somehow intertwining with each other, which Star Trek writers have mastered. And it is coming together rather nicely.

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