7 Reasons You Shouldn’t Cut the Cord on Cable TV

People consider cutting the cord to cable television for two main reasons. The first is because they had a bad experience with a cable provider. The second is because they are trying to cut down on monthly expenses. Both are valid reasons, but there are several things you should consider before you decide to cut the cord for good.

Best Collection of TV Channels

Cable TV HD Channels There’s no denying that Spectrum TV Packages have the best collection of TV channels, like HGTV, History, Bravo, AMC, and more. If you cut the cord, you may have to give up some of your favorite shows. Not to mention, you’ll have to give up those late nights channel surfing. You know, those nights where you just want to shut off your brain and flip back and forth between Pawn Stars and Everybody Loves Raymond reruns?

Bundled Pricing

Cable providers shine when it comes to bundling. You might be considering cutting the cord to cable because you find yourself streaming Netflix or Prime a lot of the time. But you’re probably streaming those platforms using the high-speed internet that is bundled with your cable. If you cancel your cable, you will lose the big monthly savings you are receiving through bundling.

If you aren’t bundling your Internet with your cable, what are you waiting for? If you’re looking for cost-savings every month, you should start there. Cable providers have really upped their game when it comes to Internet speeds. Spectrum Internet Plans start at a very impressive 100 Mbps and offers download speeds of up to 940 Mbps!  You never have to worry about buffering with even the most basic plan. But you’ll see the most value when you bundle with cable.

In-Home Entertainment

Cable TV PPV EventsIn addition to bundled pricing, you should consider the value of in-home entertainment. A family trip to the movies easily costs close to $100 these days. Going out to eat can be even more expensive. If a movie On-Demand or pizza in front of your favorite show keeps you home one extra day a month, you’ve made your money back.

Custom Packages 

Many cable providers give customers control over the channels they are paying for. Customers can customize different cable plans to get all their favorite channels without having to buy the biggest plan. Oftentimes, just adding a couple of channels to the most basic plan can meet all of your entertainment needs. You can even add premium movie packages or specialty sports packs to the most affordable plans.

Negotiable Pricing

Cable TV DealsA lot of people reach to cut the cord as soon as their promotional period is over. After the standard 12-month period, your cable costs can increase substantially. But cable providers leave wiggle room in their pricing. They don’t want to lose you as a customer and will work with you to give you the most entertainment value for your budget.

The cable industry is also very competitive. While your cable provider will try to negotiate to keep you as a customer, competing cable providers will try to steal you away. So, if you want to save money and you’re unhappy with your cable provider, talk to their competitors. Competitors offer all kinds of incentives to switch to their service.

Sports, Sports, Sports!

You’re not going to find Sunday’s big game on Netflix. Hands down, cable TV still has the stronghold on sports coverage. Sports packs give you access to premium regional and international sports networks. Whether you want to watch college ball, international soccer, or never miss an NFL game, cable TV has you covered. You can customize your cable plan with various sports packages.

 Special Live Events

Cable TV On Demand HDIf you’re a red-carpet junkie or a fan of Holiday specials, you’ll need to think twice before canceling your cable. The Grammys and Oscars are at home on cable tv. A lot of Christmas and New Year’s specials are only found on cable as well. A lot of people forget to consider this seasonal entertainment when deciding to cut off their cable. They don’t realize their mistake until it’s time to watch them again.

Pay-Per-View and New Movies

Let’s be honest, most Netflix movies are pretty terrible. And while Prime Video has better movie options, they charge for all of the best ones. Cable TV offers a wide range of movie channels and packages. Often, the newest box office hits are available on cable first. Pay-per-view options also give you the best movies at a great price.

Speaking of Pay-per-view, don’t forget about boxing matches and MMA events. These special events are also available on cable.  Don’t lose your status as your friends’ hero if you can’t host fight nights at your house anymore.

On-Demand and Streaming

Cable TV BundlesCable providers aren’t stuck in the stone age. They have jumped on the streaming bandwagon and offer great streaming options. You can find hundreds of On Demand movies and tv episodes that you can watch anytime and anywhere. The apps work on virtually any smart device, and you can stream on multiple devices at a time.

Most cable providers also have their very own App, like the DIRECTV App. You can stream On-Demand shows, watch live TV, and even watch your DVR recordings. It gives you all the flexibility of the top streaming apps with the added perk of having full access to your recordings. It’s a win-win.

Should I Cancel Cable TV?

Cutting the cord isn’t going to save you as much as you might think. And there are always other cable providers who would love to bribe you to join their service. Most importantly, there are other cable providers who can provide the customer service you deserve.

Netflix and other streaming options still have big holes in their entertainment platforms. And, of course, you can’t beat the value of bundling high-speed internet with cable. Before you give up your favorite shows and channels, consider the above reasons to stay.

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