6 Best Taboo Sex Scenes in “Riverdale”

For a TV series based on a wholesome, all-American comic book, “Riverdale” has offered audiences multiple risqué sex scenes in virtually every episode. Many of these scenes not only gleefully play with the places its teenage cast can engage in sexual acts but also who their erotic activities are shared with. On that titillating note, here are the best taboo sex scenes from “Riverdale.”  

Archie and Ms. Grundy have sex in her car (Season 1, Episode 1)

Right from the start, “Riverdale” promised it would deliver something very different from its comic book source material when its pilot episode establishes that 16-year-old Archie Andrews is sleeping with his music teacher Geraldine Grundy (Sarah Habel). In the very first episode, the two are seen going at it hot and heavy in the backseat of Miss Grundy’s car while a summer storm pours outside.

Geraldine Grundy and Archie having sex in the car

To make things even more taboo, it’s later revealed that “Ms. Grundy” is actually a woman named Jennifer Gibson who changed her name to flee an abusive relationship. She also regularly seduces and preys on younger men as she continues having sex with teenage boys after ending her relationship with Archie. She’s a far cry from the strict, elderly schoolmarm of the comic books, but Archie certainly doesn’t seem to be complaining.      

Betty seduces Chuck Clayton then nearly drowns him (Season 1, Episode 3)

Sweet girl next door Betty Cooper always seemed so gentle and kind – until she discovers sports star Chuck Clayton has been spreading nasty rumors about Veronica Lodge after one date. Furious, Betty convinces Chuck she wants to be a “bad girl” and invites him over to a friend’s house for some quality time in the hot tub. She then greets him dressed in a black bob wig and lingerie… and from there, things get really crazy.

First, Betty drugs Chuck’s drink to make him more forthcoming. Then she handcuffs him to the hot tub. Next, she threatens to “boil him alive” in the bubbling water unless he records a confession of what really went on between Veronica and him. Still not willing to stop, Betty pushes Chuck under the water and threatens to drown him unless he apologizes. Finally, she pours maple syrup over his head. It’s a disturbing, sexual, and weirdly ridiculous scene – and just the beginning of the really strange scenes from “Riverdale.”      

Betty's Hot Tub Transformation Riverdale

Cheryl Blossom and Toni Topaz have lesbian bondage sex (Season 3, Episode 15)

Lesbian sex scenes aren’t nearly as taboo today as they were when they first graced television scenes – but this sex scene between Cheryl Blossom and Toni Topaz had a lot of build up behind it. Originally antagonistic to Toni, a member of the Southside Serpent gang, Cheryl eventually opens up to Toni and even confesses a past attraction to another girl. The two end up beginning a relationship, threatened by Cheryl’s conservative family. Nevertheless, sexual tension between the two keeps growing, leading to one boiling sex scene in the third season episode “American Dreams.”

After casing and breaking into La Bonne Nuit, Cheryl gets cornered by Toni. Staring her girlfriend right in the face, Cheryl asks if Toni is going to “cuff her.” A very steamy sexual encounter follows – complete with blindfolds, bondage, and intercut scenes with Archie in a bloody boxing tournament. Shockingly, one of the hottest “Riverdale” sex scenes later ends with Cheryl and Toni breaking up. The show is anything but predictable.

Cheryl Blossom Toni Lopez Lesbian Bondage

Archie and Veronica have sex in the shower – after his father is shot (Season 2, Episode 1)

The scene’s taboo nature stems not from the location of the sex act, but the timing. At the beginning of the episode, Archie takes his father to the hospital after Fred Andrews is shot in the season one finale. Fred’s injury is very messy and Archie ends up covered in his father’s blood. After his father is out of surgery, Veronica and Archie go back to Archie’s house where Veronica suggests Archie take a shower.

As Archie scrubs his father’s blood off of his body, Veronica inexplicably decides to join him in the shower, leading to a (literally) steamy sex scene where Veronica leaves her pearl necklace on and Archie continues letting his father’s blood flow down the drain. Viewers were likely left at a loss as to whether this scene should be considered disturbing or titillating. Knowing “Riverdale,” it’s probably both.

Archie and Veronica Shower Scene

Archie and Veronica have sex in a prison locker room (Season 3, Episode 5)

If nothing else, Archie and Veronica prove they have a very powerful “anything goes” attitude in regards to where they choose to have sex. So, when Archie gets sent to prison after being wrongfully accused of manslaughter, he naturally gets a visit from Veronica Lodge. “Disguised” in a blonde wig, Veronica finds Archie in the prison locker room cleaning up after participating in the warden’s underground fight club. Informing him that she has friends who snuck her into the prison, Veronica then tells her boyfriend they have twenty minutes together. Determined not to let any of that time go to waste, Archie picks up his girlfriend, slams her against the lockers, and proceeds to do what comes naturally.   

Betty performs a strip tease in a biker bar – in front of her mother (Season 2, Episode 8)

Betty Cooper has always been a supportive girlfriend. So, when she learns that FP, the father of her boyfriend Jughead Jones, will be having a motorcycle retirement party, she decides to send him off with a personalized striptease dance. Apparently, a sexy pole dance is the unofficial initiation for any woman who wants to join the biker gang, and Betty is nothing if not accommodating. Donning some sexy lingerie under her usually conservative outfit, Betty gets a recording of “Mad World” ready and proceeds to entertain a gang of rowdy bikers.

What makes Betty’s dance insanely taboo is that her audience includes her boyfriend, her boyfriend’s father… and her mother. Alice Cooper is clearly shocked by her daughter’s performance – but FP ends up thanking Betty for performing at his retirement party and the biker audience gives her a round of applause. “Riverdale” adults may have some deviant tastes… but at least they’re supportive.

With “Riverdale” now entering its fifth season, fans can likely expect even racier, steamier, and sexier content as future storylines attempt to surpass the already over-the-top sex scenes the show has already offered. The “anything goes” mentality of “Riverdale” may shock some viewers who are only familiar with the comic book version of Archie and the gang – but it’s a huge draw for fans of the compulsively watchable television series.