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  • Get the most HD with over 200 channels and FREE On Demand
  • Get the fastest internet with download speeds up to 100 Mbps
  • Get unlimited nationwide calling with Voicemail service

Charter Spectrum Arkansas Entertains

Arkansas Charter Spectrum offers all the top-notch services that you need to stay entertained! When you bundle with Charter Spectrum you get high speed Internet, a fabulous channel lineup, and unlimited digital phone services all for one affordable price.

Arkansas Charter High-Speed Internet Deals

Bad Internet service can make using the web a big pain in the butt. With Charter Spectrum Arkansas's Internet service, Charter Spectrum Internet, you no longer have to worry about buffering videos, lost connections, or hour-long upload processes.

Charter Spectrum Internet has download speeds up to 30Mbps and upload speeds up to 4Mbps. Charter Spectrum Internet quick and speedy download speeds keep everything running smoothly even when you're streaming videos, downloading music, and uploading files all at the same time.

Plus connection speeds are ten times faster than other competitors. Many downloads are completed in mere seconds.

Spectrum Internet makes watching your favorite shows online fun again. There is nothing more frustrating than getting half way through a program when it suddenly decides to lose connection and stop playing; you now have to reload the video and sit through those annoying advertisements all over again. With Charter Spectrum Internet, problems like these have been eliminated.

Streaming your favorite trending videos no longer takes 20 minutes to buffer out with Spectrum Internet. You can watch anything you want at anytime with ease.

Spectrum Internet makes it possible to play advanced online games without any problems.

Arkansas Charter TV Deals

Reliable Internet like Charter Spectrum Internet makes your entertainment value much higher and more enjoyable with the feeling of reassurance that you will have by knowing everything is going to run hiccup-free.

The entertainment value that Arkansas Charter's Cable TV service, Charter Spectrum TV, brings you is in a class all by itself. Charter Spectrum TV offers over 250 channels, including free high definition channels. Premium Channels are offered providing customers with thousands of movie and original-show titles. Top of the notch Sports Channels are available with TV Select along with On Demand and Pay-Per-View options.

Charter Spectrum On Demand offers over ten thousand movie and show titles. Get instant access to your select favorite shows from your favorite networks such as NBC, CBS, ABC, and more also with On Demand.

You can subscribe to Premium channel's networks and watch their shows unlimited for free or subscribe to a host of cable channels to watch something new everyday with Charter Spectrum On Demand.

Pay-Per-View showings are also available with Charter Cable On Demand where you can access live concerts, highly anticipated fights, hilarious stand-up comedy acts, and many more epic entertainment events.

Arkansas Charter Spectrum Voice™ Deals

Charter Spectrum TV also comes with a digital video recording system where you can store over 60 hours of recorded content.

The Spectrum TV DVR makes it impossible to miss any of your favorite shows or important programs. You can even record one show while watching another if you have separate programs that conflict with each other or you can record two different shows in one go.     

Your DVR has the ability to connect with up to four separate TV sets under the same roof making it possible for your whole family or you and your roommates to watch all their recordings or use On Demand at the same time in different rooms.

Charter Spectrum TV keeps everyone entertained at all times with so many viewing options and it's versatile abilities.

Remember the days when you used to talk on the phone to your crush or best friend for hours every night? With Charter Spectrum AR's digital phone service, Charter Spectrum Voice, this is possible again.

Talking on the telephone is a lost art. Talking on the phone and actually hearing the person's voice that your communicating with adds a personal touch that you can't find any other way. With outrageously expensive cell phone bills and shared minute cell phone plans, talking on the phone has become a stressor rather than the luxury that it used to be. With Charter Spectrum Voice you no longer have to worry about plus charges when running over in minutes.

Charter Spectrum Voice offers users unlimited local and long distance calls within the U.S., Canada, The Virgin Islands, Puerto Rico, and Guam. With the many, many long distance relationships we have in this day and age, this is a great way to maintain a strong emotional connection.

AR Charter Spectrum services bring prime entertainment right to your home without any difficulties or complications. Entertainment is at an all time high with Internet Plus, TV Select, and Phone Unlimited; Bundle up and get the triple threat for an unbeatable affordable deal, the only kind Charter Communications Arkansas offers! Check out the great Charter Spectrum Bundle Deals in AR here!

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