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Seth Rogen Bio

Born 1982sethr

32 Years Old





1982- born on April 15th in Vancouver, British Colombia, Canada

1999- starred in short lived, cult TV hit Freaks and Geeks

2001- had bit part in Donnie Darko

2001- starred in another short lived TV series Undeclared

2005- had supporting role in The 40-Year-Old Virgin, directed by Jude Apatow

2007- starred in Knocked Up, another Apatow directed and produced film

2007- had supporting role in Superbad, produced by Apatow

2008- voiced Mantis in the animated film Kung Fu Panda

2008- starred in Pineapple Express alongside James Franco

2009- voiced B.O.B in animated hit Monsters vs. Aliens

2009- starred in Observe and Report

2009- starred in Funny People, directed by Apatow

2011- played the title character in The Green Hornet

2011- voiced Mantis for second time in Kung Fu Panda 2

2011- starred in indie film 50/50 alongside Joseph Gordon Levitt

2012- starred in The Guilt Trip alongside Barbara Streisand


Seth Rogen is a long time friend and co-worker with Director/Producer Judd Apatow. They met during Rogen’s first acting gig on Freaks and Geeks, produced by Apatow. Impressed by Rogen’s comedy style, he cast him again on another short lived TV show, Undeclared, about college students. While he struggled to gain auditions after the cancellation of these shows, Apatow kept him in mind until he would cast him later in several hit films.


Active in several charity organizations, Rogen is a hardcore supporter of Gay and Lesbian rights and an admitted marijuana user. He also supports Alzheimer’s disease awareness as his mother-in-law is affected by it.