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Mick Jagger

mickBorn 1943

70 Years Old





1943- born on July 26th in Dartford, Kent, England

1950- went to Wentworth Primary School in Dartford, Kent where he met Future Rolling Stones band mate Keith Richards

1954- enrolled in different school, Dartford Grammar School

1960- resumed friendship with Richards during chance encounter

1962- along with Richards, Brian Jones, Ian Stewart, Bill Wyman and Charlie Watts, formed British super group The Rolling Stones

1964- The Rolling Stone released their first album, The Rolling Stones, in the UK, which went to #1 on the UK charts, where it stayed for 51 weeks

1971- learned to play guitar for Sticky Fingers album

1972- changed his look for the Stones, going more glam rock for their American tour

1978- helped to push Stone into a different direction yet again, this time towards disco and punk

1985- began solo career with first solo album She’s the Boss

1985- release cover of Dancing in the Street with David Bowie, which reached number one in the UK

1987- released second solo album Primitive Cool

1988- produced two songs on Living Colour’s album Vivid

1993- released third solo album Wandering Spirit

2001- released critically successful Goddess in the Doorway, which spawned the hit single Visions of Paradise

2002- celebrated The Rolling Stones’ 40 year anniversary with the Licks Tour

2007- led the charge for the Stone’s A Bigger Bang Tour, which has been recognized at the most lucrative musical tour in history

2011- formed musical supergroup SuperHeavy


Mick Jagger has an on again, off again acting career.  He had appeared in Performance in 1968, Ned Kelly in 1970 and even auditioned for the part that would ultimately go to Tim Curry in The Rocky Horror Picture Show.  He recently appeared in the documentary film Shine a Light, directed by long time fan of the Stones Martin Scorsese.


Jagger has been married twice and had countless relationships with many female celebrities.  He currently has seven children with four different women, including four daughters and three sons.  He also has four grandchildren thus far.