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Lucille Ball Bio

Born 1911Lucille-Ball-

77 Years Old



Actress/Comedienne/Studio Executive


1911- born on August 6th in Jamestown, New York

1933-1936- appeared in over 20 feature films in uncredited roles

1939- appeared in Twelve Crowded Hours

1940- appeared in Too Many Girls

1941- appeared on the Orson Welles Show with a guest appearance

1946- appeared on The Lux Radio Theatre with a guest appearance

1949- appeared on The Ed Wynn Show with a guest appearance

1951- starred in the landmark television show I Love Lucy as the titular character, for which she won numerous awards and garnered worldwide critical and commercial acclaim, ranking #1 in the ratings for four of its six years and #2 and #3 the other two years

1957- continued the I Love Lucy show in effect with The Lucy-Desi Comedy Hour

1962- starred in The Lucy Show for six seasons and won numerous awards

1967- appeared in many guest appearance on The Carol Burnett Show

1968- starred in her third major network show Here’s Lucy, a situational comedy, for which she was nominated for and won numerous awards

1974- starred in television film Happy Anniversary and Goodbye

1986- starred in short lived Life With Lucy, which lasted only 13 episodes


Lucille Ball is one of a few actors that have multiple Hollywood Walk of Fame markers to her credit; one for TV and one for film. She was nominated for an incredible 13 Emmy Awards and won 4. Her television career lasted for nearly six decades and today she is considered a female icon of comedy.


Ball’s TV executive power was well known, as her Desilu Productions was responsible for not only the I Love Lucy Show but other very successful television programs as well. These included Mission: Impossible, The Untouchable and the original Star Trek series. Lucille took charge of the artistic side of the production and it was often her decision that saw these series come to life.