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Larry David Bio

Born: 1947
66 Years Old
Status: Alive
Nationality: American
Profession: Actor/Comedian

  • 1947- born on July 2nd in Brooklyn, NY
  • 1980- played himself in Fridays
  • 1982- appeared in Second Thoughts
  • 1984- appeared on Saturday Night Live in various roles
  • 1987- had small role in Radio Days
  • 1989- wrote and co-created Seinfeld
  • 1989- had cameo role in New York Stories
  • 1993- played himself in Love & War
  • 1998- had several cameo roles in Sour Grapes
  • 2000- played a fictionalized version of himself in Curb Your Enthusiasm, which he wrote and
  • created
  • 2004- played himself on Entourage
  • 2006- appeared as himself on various episodes of Late Show with David Letterman
  • 2007- appeared as himself on episode of Hannah Montana
  • 2009- appeared as himself on various episodes of The Daily Show with John Stewart
  • 2011- appeared as himself on The Paul Reiser Show
  • 2012- had role in The Three Stooges, directed by the Farrelly brothers
  • 2013- appeared on Jimmy Kimmel Live!

Along with long time friend Jerry Seinfeld, Larry David co-created the legendary TV series
Seinfeld and continued to write for the show for its first 7 seasons. Many believe the show
dipped in quality once David left, as the final two seasons are not as critically acclaimed as the
show was during its prime. David was nominated for an astonishing 19 Emmys while