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Halle Berry Bio

Born 1966Halle Berry 1

Age 47





1966- born on August 14th in Cleveland, Ohio

1991- had first film role in Jungle Fever, directed by Spike Lee

1991- had supporting role in The Last Boy Scout alongside Damon Wayans and Bruce Willis, directed by the late Tony Scott

1992- starred in Boomerang alongside Eddie Murphy

2000- played comic character Storm for first time in X-Men

2001- starred in Swordfish alongside her X-Men co-star Hugh Jackman

2001- starred in Monster’s Ball for which she won an Academy Award for Best Actress and was nominated for a Golden Globe for same

2002-played Bond girl Jinx in James Bond film Die Another Day

2003- played Storm for 2nd time in X2

2003- starred in Gothica

2004- played another comic book character in Catwoman as titular role

2006- played Storm for 3rd time in X-Men: The Last Stand

2010- starred in Frankie and Alice

2012- played multiple roles in Cloud Atlas alongside Tom Hanks

2013- starred in The Call


Before her success in television and film, Berry lived in New York City where she had moved to pursue her acting career. She struggled mightily at first and at one point ran out of money and was forced to live in a homeless shelter for some time. Later on in the same year, 1989, her fortunes improved when she cast in the short lived series Living Dolls.


Berry was ranked by People Magazine as the #1 most Beautiful Person in the World in 2003, having been ranked consistently in the top ten several times prior. She continues to be one of Hollywood’s highest paid actresses, often commanding upwards of ten million dollars per film role.