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Eddie Murphy

Eddie-MurphyBorn 1961






1962- born on April 3rd in Brooklyn, NY

1980- first starred on Saturday Night Live where he developed many memorable characters, including Buckwheat, a parody of the Our Gang character

1982- nominated for Golden Globe for role in 48 Hrs.

1983- performed in Eddie Murphy Delirious, a stand up comedy special

1983- starred in Trading Places alongside fellow SNL Alum Dan Aykroyd

1984- starred in mega-hit Beverly Hills Cop as Alex Foley for the first time

1986- starred in The Golden Child

1987- played Alex Foley for 2nd time in Beverly Hills Cop II, which he also wrote the story for

1987- wrote and starred in Eddie Murphy Raw, his next stand up comedy special

1988- wrote story for and starred as multiple roles in Coming to America

1990- starred in Another 48 Hrs.

1994- played Alex Foley for 3rd time in Beverly Hills Cop III

1996- played multiple roles in The Nutty Professor, for which he was also nominated for many awards, winning some as well

1998- starred in Dr. Dolittle

1999- played two lead roles in Bowfinger, starring alongside Steve Martin

2000- once again played multiple roles in Nutty Professor II: The Klumps

2001- played animated role Donkey for 1st time in Shrek

2001- starred in Dr. Dolittle 2

2004- played Donkey again in Shrek 2

2006- had supporting role in Dreamgirls, for which he was nominated for multiple awards, winning a Golden Globe for Best Supporting Actor and a Screen Actors Guild Award

2007- played Donkey in Shrek the Third

2010- played Donkey for 4th and final time in a animated feature Shrek Forever After

2011- had supporting role in Tower Heist


As young boy, 15 years of age, Murphy was already writing and performing his own comedy sketches and building his stand-up routine.  His comedy idols include Richard Pryor and Bill Cosby.  He has stated spending time in foster care had a great deal of influence on his comedy.


Murphy has also been a frequent singer and performer, skills which were instrumental in him developing the role of James “Thunder” Early in Dreamgirls, garnering him much critical acclaim and numerous award nominations and wins, including his first Golden Globe.  He has also recorded his own albums and been a back-up vocal talent for other musicians.