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Jerry Seinfeld

Born: 1954 Age: 60 Years Old Status: Alive Nationality: American Profession: Actor/Comedian 1954- born on April 29th, Leap Year, in Brooklyn, NY 1980- had small role on episode of Benson 1984- small role as a Network Rep on The Ratings Game 1989- played fictionalized version of himself on Seinfeld, where he starred for 9 seasons,… (read more)

Steve Carell Bio

Born: 1962 Age: 51 Years Old Status: Alive Nationality: American Profession: Actor 1962- born on August 16th in Concord, Massachusetts 1991- first screen role in Curly Sue 1999- appeared as active correspondent on The Daily Show for six years 2003- played Evan Baxter in Bruce Almighty 2004- played Brick Tamland in Anchorman: The Legend of… (read more)

Chris Hemsworth Bio

Born: 1983 Age: 30 Years Old Status: Alive Nationality: Australian Profession: Actor  1983- born on August 11th in Melbourne, Victoria, Australia 2002- appeared in 2 episodes of Guinevere Jones as King Arthur 2004- appeared in 185 episodes of Home and Away 2009- played father of James Kirk in reboot of Star Trek 2009- starred in A… (read more)

Leonard Nimoy Bio

Born 1931 83 Years Old Alive American Actor/Director   1931- born on March 26th in Boston, Massachusetts 1952- had role in low budget film Zombies of the Stratosphere 1954- had small role in classic sci-fi film Them! 1959- appeared in several episodes of Wagon Train TV series 1964- appeared in a couple of episodes of… (read more)

William Shatner Bio

Born: 1931 Age: 83 Years Old Status: Alive Nationality: Canadian Profession: Actor/Writer/Director   1931- born on March 22nd in Montreal, Quebec, Canada 1957- starred in Oedipus the King 1960- starred in 2 episodes of The Twilight Zone 1962- starred in The Intruder 1967- played Captain James T. Kirk for the first time in the original… (read more)