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Bill Murray

billmurrayBorn 1950

63 years old





1950- born on September 21, 1950 in Wilmette, Illinois, a suburb of Chicago

1974- moved to New York City and was recruited by John Belushi to work on The National Lampoon Radio Hour

1977- joined the cast of Saturday Night Live and developed his comedy on the show for the next three seasons

1979- first major film role in Meatballs

1980- had supporting role on Caddyshack

1981- starred in Stripes

1984- played Peter Venkman for first time in megahit Ghostbusters, nominated for Golden Globe

1988- starred in holiday comedy film Scrooged

1989- played Peter Venkman for second time in Ghostbusters II

1990- starred in Quick Change

1991- starred in What About Bob?

1993- starred in Groundhog Day

1996- had supporting comedy role in Kingpin

1996- starred as himself alongside basketball great Michael Jordan in Spacejam

1998- nominated for numerous awards for Rushmore

2003- won and was nominated for numerous awards for Lost in Translation, including his only Academy Award nomination

2004- voiced the Sunday morning comic legend Garfield for first time in Garfield: the Movie

2005- starred in Broken Flowers

2006- voiced Garfield once again in Garfield: a Tale of Two Kitties

2012- played FDR in biopic Hyde Park on Hudson


Murray is one of nine children and three of his brothers, Joel, John, and Brian-Doyle Murray are also actors.  They have a sister Nancy who is a nun.  Bill was a fan of character biographies as a child and became an avid reader.


Murray is an avid golfer and is often on the celebrity gold circuit.  His semi-autobiography is both about his life as an actor and comedian but also about his love of the game of golf.  It is entitled Cinderella Story: My Life in Golf.  Many of his films expound upon his love of golf.  During 2011, Murray teamed with pro golfer D. A. Points to win a Pro-Am championship.