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Claudia Schiffer Bio

Born 1970 43 Years Old Alive German Model   1970- born on August 25th in Rheinberg, North Rhine-Westphalia, Germany 1987- was spotted in a nightclub in Dusseldorf by a modeling agent and signed up to be a model 1990- became Guess? jeans model and this campaign catapulted her into superstardom across the globe as a… (read more)

Christopher Nolan Bio

Born 1970 43 Years Old Alive British Director/Writer/Producer   1970- born on July 30th in London, UK 1989- created his first film short entitled Tarantella 1995- did another short called Larceny 1997- his third and final short was called Doodlebug 1998- wrote, directed and produced his first feature film called Following 2000- directed and wrote… (read more)

Tom Cruise Bio

Born 1963 51 Years Old Alive American Actor/Producer   1962- born on July 3rd in Syracuse, New York 1981- had first bit role in Endless Love 1981- had larger supporting role in Taps as Cadet Captain David Shawn 1983- became part of large ensemble cast in The Outsiders, based on the novel of the same… (read more)

Tom Hanks Bio

Born 1956 57 Years Old Alive American Actor/Producer/Director   1957- born on July 9th in Concord, California 1980- first film role, a cameo, in He Knows You’re Alone 1982- starred in TV sitcom Bosom Buddies for 37 episodes 1984- had first starring role in hit comedy film Splash 1984- starred in Bachelor Party 1985- continued… (read more)