AT&T U-verse Phone Service!

AT&T Phone Service

The AT&T Digital Phone service can provide you with reliable quality and the control you need over your budget and your home communications options. With a single provider, you can forget about calling cards and counting minutes. You can have the local and long distance calling service you need. If you need International calling services, AT&T can help keep your expenses down while allowing you to connect with the ones you love the most.

The AT&T Digital Phone service can give you a digital calling quality that makes sure all of your calls come through with clarity. You can enjoy this calling quality with unlimited local and long distance calling throughout the US, Canada and Puerto Rico. You can also count on fair and discounted rates for your International calls. This service is complete calling freedom for your entire family.

Your unlimited calling plan comes on a set monthly rate that allows you to save money while you communicate with your friends and loved ones. This set rate also includes your calling features so that you don't pay extra to get convenience and reliable services. You can have features like Caller ID to let you know who's calling before you pick up the phone. You can also get Locate Me, the feature that rings up to four phones at one time when someone makes a call to your home phone number. AT&T offers Call Screening so you can be as selective as you would like to be in answering the phone and Call Transfer which sends a call to a different phone number, even when the call is in progress.

AT&T also provides a Call History that you can access on the television or on the internet. This list can be sorted by time and date. You can also access Caller ID on your television. You don't have to get up when the phone rings to find out who is calling. The television can also be used to get notifications on your Voice Mail services and to make calls by using your remote. These are convenient and affordable services that are there to make your life and communications easier. Interactive Apps allow you to check your home phone voicemails and more!

You can get access to these great features and services through a U-verse Bundle, which provides home programming, home internet and digital home phone on a money-saving set monthly rate. When you do, you can have the AT&T Phone service. There are several different packages to choose, like the Phone 200, providing 200 minutes a month for calling within the United States and within US territories. Or, you can get the VoiceUnlimited package, which provides all the unlimited calling within the United States, Canada and US territories.

If you need to make a regular monthly calls to International locations, you can do it with the AT&T Phone plan, which provides unlimited calling like the Voice Unlimited package, with the benefit of a discounted International rate for calls made outside of your calling area.

With a single provider, all of the calling freedom, calling features and monthly budget you need are within easy reach. Get more information about all the great AT&T Phone Features.