AT&T High Speed Internet Deals!

AT&T High Speed Internet Service

AT&T is the provider of choice for home programming, internet and home phone services. This provider can give you all of these services in a Bundled service package that puts extra savings in your pocket every month. But, if you only need a single service, like internet, AT&T can provide this service in a variety of packages that gives you the kind of service you need at the price you can afford. Some of these internet packages even come with reward cards, benefits that will provide you with even more savings.

AT&T can provide a package for the minimal users. If you are someone that just uses the net for basic emailing and chatting, you can get the Pro package. It offers up to 3 Mbps, for downloading. If you would like to watch programming online, you can load your online content, or upload pictures and video through email and your social sites. It is a lite package for lite users.

The AT&T Elite package offers 6 Mbps. With these speeds, you are able to watch video clips and surf the web while keeping in touch with the people you want to communicate with.

The next package up is the Max package, offers as much as 12 Mbps. This service can give you a little more power for a higher level of usage. If you are interested in downloading some movies, programming or music, this is the perfect service. Of course, you can also use it for email, chatting, networking on social sites and uploading your pictures and your videos.

If you need a little more speed for a higher usage, you can use the Max Plus service package. This package provides up to 18 Mbps for downloading and streaming so that you can watch your online programming. With these speeds, it is possible to network and surf faster. You can also upload your pictures and video faster.

Max Turbo has even more to offer with speeds that are up to 45 Mbps for surfing, downloading and networking. This high-speed internet service can provide wireless surfing, networking and gaming with your social sites or your multi-player games. When it comes to watching your online content, you can download and stream HD content like movies and other programming or play your online games with your social sites.

These packages can come with a wireless modem that provides freedom to roam around your home with your tablet, smartphone, laptop or other portable device. Connect and stay connected with a service that gives you speed and freedom.

AT&T can also provide up to 10 emails for all of the members of your house. These emails have limitless storage. You can also use the free Yahoo services that come with these packages. You can also enjoy access to the AT&T WiFi Hot Spot network that comes with these packages at no added charge to you.

These packages come with internet safety that protects your device and personal information. AT&T provides spyware and virus protection that blocks online threats efore they are even downloaded to your computer. This security also provides a two-way firewall that helps hide your computer or device from hackers that want to take your personal information for online theft. This service even comes with disposable email accounts and a spam guard service that separates junk mail from your real mail. It also comes with a Pop-Up Catcher that disables pop-up ads before they have the opportunity to aggravate you.

These services provide the fastest and most secure internet experience any household needs. These packages can come by themselves or with a Bundled service package that delivers the best services for the best price. Learn about all the great Internet features offered by AT&T High Speed Internet.