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Zumpt, Karl Gottlob

Born: 1792 AD
Died: 1849 AD
Nationality: German
Categories: Scholars

1792 – He was born on the 1st day of April this year in Heidelberg. He was educated at Heidelberg and Berlin.
1812 – He was a school master in Berlin.
1827 – He became a professor of Latin Literature at the university.
1818 – He accomplished his chief work “Lateinische Grammatik”.
1844 – His work was superseded by Madvig.
1831 – He edited Quintilian’s “Institutio Oratoria”.
1837 – He did the same thing on Cicero’s “Verinnes”.
1862 – He devoted himself mainly to Roman history, publishing Annales veterum regnorum et populorum, a work in chronology down to 476 AD, and other antiquarian studies.
1894 – He died at the age of 102 years old on the 25th day of June this year.