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Zuccaro, Taddeo

Born: 1529 AD
Died: 1566 AD
Nationality: Italian
Categories: Painters

1529 – An Italian painter was born this year in Sant’Angelo in Vado, near Urbino. he had made a great name for himself as a fresco decorator, working most notably for the Farnese family in their palace at Caprarola.
1543 – He moved to Rome and he succeeded at an early age in gaining knowledge of painting and in finding patrons to employ him.
1548 – He returned to Rome, and began his career as a fresco painter, by executing a series of scenes in monochrome from the life of Marcus Furius Camillus on the front of the palace of a wealthy Roman named Jacopo Mattei.
1566 – He died at an early age of 37 years old in Rome.
1972 – He was one of the recipients of the 1972 Albert Lasker Awards in recognition of his contributions to the field, amongst many other doctorates and awards.
1974 – He left the National Cancer Institute and served at the director of the Florida Comprehensive Cancer Center.
1990 – He resigned from this position.