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Zorrilla, Manuel Ruiz

Born: 1834 AD
Died: 1895 AD
Nationality: Spanish
Categories: Prime Ministers

1834 – He was born this year at Burgo de Osma and was educated Valladolid and studied law at Madrid University, where he leaned towards radicalism in politics.
1856 – He was elected deputy, and soon attracted notice among the most advanced Progressists and Democrats.
1866 – He participated in the revolutionary propaganda that led to the military movement in Madrid on the 22nd day of June this year.
1869 – He became Minister of Grace and Justice.
1870 – He was elected President of the House of Deputies, and seconded Juan Prim in offering the throne to Amadeus of Savoy.
1871 – He was invited by Amadeus to form a cabinet, and he continued to be the principal councilor of the king until February 1873, when the monarch abdicated. . He served as prime minister of Spain
1875 – Early this year he went to France.
1895 – He died of heart disease at Burgos.