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Zinsser, Hans

Born: 1878 AD
Died: 1940 AD
Nationality: American
Categories: Bacteriologist


1878 – He was born on the 17th day of November this year in New York City and the son of German immigrants.


1903 – He obtained his doctorate from Columbia University. He also becomes a bacteriologist at Roosevelt Hospital until 1905.


1906 – He developed a medium and a simple method to plate anaerobic organisms.


1907 – He was assistant pathologist at St. Luke’s Hospital for three years.


1908 – He was also an instructor for bacteriology at the Columbia University.


1910 – He became associate professor at Stanford University and became full professor after year.


1911 – A full professor at the Columbia University.


1913 – He became a full professor in Harvard University.


1934 – He did extensive work on typhus and developed a vaccine of killed rickettsias that would protect against typhus.


1940 – He died this year.