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Zimmermann, Warren

Born: 1935 AD
Died: 2004 AD
Nationality: Yugoslav
Categories: Ambassadors

1935 – Warren Zimmermann was born.

1956 – He completed his secondary education at Deerfield Academy and graduated from Yale University.

1989 – He served as the US Ambassador to Yugoslavia until its termination in 1992.

1992 – His last official act before he was recalled to the United States on the 16th day of May of this year to write a confidential memo to the secretary of state called Who Killed Yugoslavia?

         – On the 28th of March, after the agreement had been signed he met with Alija Ali Izetbegovic, leader of the Bosnian Muslims and all indications point toward that fact he made that assurances of U.S. support for a full independent nation. "Izetbegovic’s repudiation of the agreement was the immediate trigger for the war.

         – Was recalled by the elder Bush administration to protest the increasing violence of civil war.

1996 – His two books named Origins of a Catastrophe: Yugoslavia and Its Destroyers and America’s Last Ambassador Tells What Happened and Why, were published in this year.

2004 – Died on the 3rd of February at the age of 70 years old, at his home in Great Falls, Virginia due to pancreatic cancer.