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Ziegler, Karl

Born: 1898 AD
Died: 1973 AD
Nationality: German
Categories: Chemists

1898 – He was born in Helsa near Kassel in Germany, on the 26th day of November this year.
1920 – He graduated under Prof. von Auwers at the University of Marburg/Lahn.
1922 – He was married to Maria Kurtz.
1923 – He was qualified as a lecturer. He spent 10 years as a lecturer at Heidelberg.
1935 – He earned a Liebig medal for his research work in the field of radicals with trivalent carbon and his syntheses of multi-membered ring system.
1936 – He became Professor and Director of the Chemisches Institut at the University of Halle/Saale. In the same year he lectured as a visiting professor at Chicago University.
1943 – He was Director of the Max-Planck-Institute for Kohlenforschung (formerly known as the Kaiser-Wilhelm-Institut fur Kohlenforschung) in Mülheim Ruhr.
1954 – He was president of the Deutsche Gesellschaft für Mineralölwissenschaft und Kohlechemie for three years.
1963 – He won the Nobel Prize in Chemistry with Giulio Natta, for work on high polymers.
1971 – He was elected by the Royal Society, London as a Foreign Member.
1973 – He died on the 12th day of August.