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Zhu Xi

Born: 1130 AD
Died: 1200 AD
Nationality: Chinese
Categories: Philosophers

1130 – He was born on October 18th in Yuxi, Fujian province, China. One of China’s most influential philosophers, Zhu Xi recast Confucius’s teachings in more than 100 works, including commentaries on most of the Confucian classics.

         – His extensive commentaries established the Four Books (the Analects, the Mengzi, the Daxue (Great Learning) and the Zhongyong (Doctrine of the Mean)) as the core curriculum for official examinations, an orthodoxy that persisted into the twentieth century.
1158 – He studied under Li Tong, who followed the Neo-Confucian tradition of Cheng Hao and Cheng Yi.
1179 – He was appointed a prefect.

1182 – He was demoted for attacking the incompetence of officials.
1200 – He died on the 23rd of April in China.

1313 – His classical commentaries became prescribed orthodoxy in the civil service examinations, and his conservative authoritarianism increasingly dominated Chinese, Japanese, and Korean political, social, and cultural perceptions until the 20th century.