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Zhao Ziyang

Born: 1919 AD
Died: 2005 AD
Nationality: Chinese
Categories: Ministers, Politicial Adviser

1919 – He was born in Henan, China

1987 – Became head of the Chinese communist party, a strong advocate of economic modernization.
1950s-1960s – Around these years, he was a senior party official in south China, he was purged during the cultural revolution.
1970s – He returned to political life and holding party posts in inner Mongolia and then in Guangdong province.
1975-1980 – As party first secretary in Sichuan, China’s most populous province, zhao compiled a strong record of economic achievements.
1979 – He became a full member of the politburo, he quickly rose in the party hierarchy as a protégé of Deng Xiaoping.
1980 – He replaced Hua Guofeng as head or government (premier).
1987 – When Hu Yaobang was ousted a party chief, zhao became general secretary.
1987 – He was succeeded as premier by Li Peng.
1989 – Zhao was forced to resign after backing pro-democracy student demonstrator.