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Zeeman, Pieter

Born: 1865 AD
Died: 1943 AD
Nationality: Dutch
Categories: Mathematicians, Physicists

1865 – Born in Zonnemaire, a small village in the isle of Schouwen, Zeeland, The Netherlands; birth of a Dutch physicist
1885 – He studied at Leyden University
1890 – He was appointed as an assistant of Lorentz and became involved in an extensive research.
1892 – Came up with his first treatise Mesures relatives du phenomene de Kerr, which bagged him a Gold Medal from the Dutch Society of Sciences at Haarlem
1893 – He earned his doctor’s degree and left for F. Kohlrausch’s institute at Strasbourg
1894 – He returned to Leyden University
1895-1897 – Worked as a "privaat-docent" (extra-mural lecturer)
– married Johanna Elisabeth Lebret
1896 – He discovered the splitting of spectral lines of elements by strong magnetic fields known today as the ‘Zeeman Effect’
1898 – He became a member of the Royal Academy of Sciences of Amsterdam
1902 – He received a Nobel Prize for physics with Lorentz
1912-1920 – Served as a Secretary of the Mathematical-Physical Section
1920 – He developed the so-called “anomalous Zeeman effect,” another magnetic splitting case which couldn’t be explained until the time that the quantum mechanics came in.
1943 – He died due to an illness