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Zapruder, Abraham

Born: 1904 AD
Died: 1970 AD
Nationality: American
Categories: Businessmen, Director, Manufacturers


1905 – He was born on the 15th day of May of this year.



1953 – He moved from Dallas to Texas and tied with Jean LeGon in setting up a clothing design firm called Nardis of Dallas. He cut the patterns and materials for her.



1959 – He established his own company manufacturing ladies wear right after he broke up partnership with Jeanne Legon who got married to George De Mohrenschildt that year.



1963 – He was able to film the entire footage of President John F. Kennedy’s motorcade where he was shot dead and it became strong evidence in the investigation. Anyway he suffered insomnia and nightmare by what he had filmed and did not keep a copy for himself.Soon he sold the 26 second film to Time Magazine for $ 100,000 and he later testified before the Warren Commission.



1970 – He died of cancer in Dallas on the 30th day of August this year.