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Zapotocky, Antonin

Born: 1884 AD
Died: 1957 AD
Nationality: Czech
Categories: Presidents, Prime Ministers

1914 – He was betrothed as a functionary in the Social Democratic Party in Kladno district and as a party press editor. He also served as a soldier during the World War I.


1920 – He was sentenced for a 9-month imprisonment for partaking in an attempt at a left-wing coup.


1922 – He held the office of general secretary of the CCP and maintained his position for a total of nine years.


1930 – He represented the Communist Red Trade Unions and managed the strike in the most area.


1938 – His activities at the CCP together with Dolansky were brought to an end, and it was authoritatively dissolved.


1939 – He was apprehended as he try to illegally cross over the borders into Poland.


1940 – He was jailed in Pankrac and after being locked up in Dresden imprisonment in the concentration camp in Sachsenhausen-Oranienburg.


1945 – He was appointed chairman of the Central Council of Trade Unions.


1948 – He held the post of Vice-chairman for four months.


1953 – Until this year he held the position of prime minister. Subsequent to Gottwald’s death, as of March 21 until he died he was the President of the Republic.