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Zapata, Emiliano

Born: 1879 AD
Died: 1919 AD
Nationality: Mexican
Categories: Activists

1879 – Born in Anenecuilco, Morelos; birth of a Mexican revolutionary and advocate of agrarian reform


1908 – Joined the ninth regiment of Cuernavaca after being forced


1909 – President of the Defense Committee of the Lands of Anenecuilco after their village was threatened with losing the lands due to the claims of the hacienda owners


1910 – Organized occupation of the disputed land


– Became the leader of a peasant movement


1911 – Partnered with Francisco Madero in overthrowing Porfirio Diaz after being attracted to the Plan of Ayala


1914 – Accused Madero of betrayal on November 25


– Opposed successor Victoriano Huerta


– Took the side of Pancho Villa over Venustiano Carranza


1917 – Defeated Villa


– Forced Zapata to withdraw to Morelos


1919 – Was ambushed at the Chinameca haciendaChinameca hacienda after carrying on the guerilla warfare and got betrayed; considered Mexico’s national hero