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Zangwill, Israel

Born: 1864 AD
Died: 1926 AD
Nationality: British
Categories: Columnist, Essayists, Journalist, Novelists, Poets

1864 – Born on the 21st day of January in London.


1884 – Zangwill studied in the University of London, earning a BA with triple honors.


1888 – He resigned from the school and wrote a fantastic tale entitled "The Premier and the Painter", a fantastic romance.


1891 – Became the leading member a Zionist society called “The Order of Ancient Maccabeans.” They are dedicated in bringing the Jewish gentlemen in literature, science, and arts together.


1892 – He wrote the novel “Children of the Ghetto” which make him a literary celebrity. He also wrote “The Idler and the Jewish Periodicals” contributing to Jerome K.


1898 – He added "Dreamers of the Ghetto" to his collections.


1900 – He did the "Mantle of Elijah" plays.


1903 – He married Edith "Ayrton," a fellow writer in a feminist.


1905 – He formed an organization that defends the settlement of the Jews within the British Empire.


1907 – Wrote the "Ghetto Comedies" and "The King of Schronners" a comic novel and many other stories in Jewish theme.


1909 – He wrote the essay "The Melting Pot"


1916 – Zangwill wrote the "The War for the World"


1926 – Zangwill died on August 1 in East Preston, North England due to nervous breakdown.