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Zanardelli, Giuseppe

Born: 1829 AD
Died: 1903 AD
Nationality: Italian
Categories: Prime Ministers

1826 – Born on the 29th of October in Breschia, Lombardy.


1848 – He volunteered as a combatant in the volunteer corps during the war.


1859 – Got elected as Deputy


1876 – Zanardelli first attained political office and received various administrative appointments.


1878 – He was appointed as the Minister of the interior in the Cairoli cabinet.


1881 – He became the Minister of Justice in the Depretis Cabinet


1883 – Abandoned by Depretis cabinet and he decided to joined and remained in opposition.


1887 – He again joined Depretis as Minister of Justice


1893 – Zanardelli attempted to form an administration.


1894 – He got elected as a President of the Chamber


1901 – Seated as the Prime Minister of Italy.