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Zahir, Ahmad

Born: 1946 AD
Died: 1979 AD
Nationality: Afghan
Categories: Singer

1946 – Born on the 13th of June in Laghman, Afghanistan.

1961 – A group of amateur musicians assembled and formed an orchestra with Ahmad Zahir at the old Radio Kabul building. This group’s first public concert was held at Cinema-e-Kabul.

1964 – Ahmad Zahir held his first formal solo concert. The song with which he debuted at Lycee Habibia, "Aye Bulbul-I Shorideh", was also his first song recorded at Radio Afghanistan.

1969 – After attending school in New Delhi, Ahmad returned to Afghanistan accepted a position at Kabul Times and was employed at Afghan Films at the same time.

1989 – An article entitled "Afghan Music," Dr. Javid tells us that the history of Afghan music goes back 5,000 years starting with the Vodi and Gathas of the Zoroastrian civilization.

1973 – It is said in a Afghan Mosaic Magazine that his popularity had developed into a national frenzy.

         – His parents separated.

         – He held a lot of concerts in Afghanistan. He earned the national title, "Singer of the Year".

1978 – A new dictatorial regime led by President Taraki seated and everyone was fearful for their lives. But Ahmad Zahir built up courage among those in the resistance movement against oppression. In one of his recordings, he voiced political protest against the Taraki-Amin regime in the song "Safar bih roshenahi".

1979 – He got killed by armed men on his trip way up to Salang Pass. He passed away on his birthday, June 13th, and as he left this world his daughter Shabnam was born.