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Zaharoff, Basil, Sir

Born: 1849 AD
Died: 1936 AD
Nationality: British
Categories: Businessmen, Merchants

1849 – Born on the 6th of October in Mugla, Turkey. He is the son of a poor Greek family exiled in Russia.


1866 – He transferred to England.


1888 – When the inventor of a machine gun named Maxim allied to Nordenfelt, Zaharoff was named representative of the firm all over Europe.


1895 – The company English Vickers bought the business Nordenfelt-Maxim and Zaharoff became the main salesperson of weapons and he was given a title “Merchant of Death”


1913 – He acquired the French citizenship, and by his intervention in the I World War in favor of the Allies, Zaharoff was knighted by George V and decorated by the French government.


– Known as the “Mystery Man of Europe” and was accused of fomenting warfare and of secret political intrigue through his association with European statesmen, notably Lloyd George and through his reputed holdings in Krupp, Skoda, and other munitions firms.


1936 – Zarahoff passed away on the 27th of November in Monte Carlo.