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Yuan Shih-k'ai

Born: 1859 AD
Died: 1916 AD
Nationality: Chinese
Categories: Politicial Adviser, Presidents

1859- Born on September 16; birth of  the Chinese militarist who reached a position of great power in the Qing Dynasty


1912 -Became President of the Republic of China, and betrayed both regimes in his pursuit of personal power


1885-1894 -A protégé of Li Hongzhang, Yuan had risen as Li’s proconsul in Korea


1895 -In the wake of the disastrous Sino-Japanese War, he was assigned the task of creating a modern army.

-Turning his creation, later known as the Beiyang Army, into a personal power base.


1898 -He won the favor of the dowager empress CIXI by refusing to support a coup by her adoptive son, the Guangzu emperor


1901-1907 -Appointed viceroy of Bejili province by the empress.

-As negotiator for the Qing in the 1911 revolution.

-He arranged the emperor’s abdication when SUN YAT-SEN agreed to resign in Yuan’s favor as head of the new Chinese republic.



– provisional president of China



– president of China


1914 -He ruled as a military dictator, altering the constitution to make himself president for life and unsuccessfully attempting to restore the Monarchy with himself as emperor (1915-16).


1915 – forced by Japan to accede to Twenty-One Demands



– declared himself emperor of China  as Hung Hsien


1916- Died on June 6